Contact Management and Out of Office Mode!

by Philippe

This summer we're excited to release two huge features: Contact management and Out of office mode. But most importantly, hundreds of small improvements!

Contact management

The new contact management feature will let you and your peers manage contacts and swiftly browse through your recipient emails and social media messages.

Contacts are created in contact books. Contact books can be private or shared with all or part of your team. As a user, you can have access to multiple contact books.

You can link contacts using both organizations and groups. Think of groups as labels.

When browsing your conversations, you will now be able to preview the contact information of the recipients and the other conversations they exchanged with you previously.

On top of that, we offer API endpoints to let you manage contacts programmatically. See the documentation.

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Out of office

Missive's new Out of office status will let you set yourself or a coworker as unavailable for a determined period of time. Replies received in conversations assigned to away users will automatically move the conversations to the Team Inbox so that coworkers can handle these promptly.

Your coworkers will see your status when hovering your status emoji.

Coworker status in conversation accesses

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The Trello integration will let you create and update cards right in the context of your Inbox, no more back-and-forth between your email client and Trello.

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The new Shopify integration lets you preview your customer orders right from your inboxes next to their emails.

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Reference messages

In Missive, each conversation and message has its unique URL that you can reference in your system to keep a track record of different actions.

What's useful and unique to Missive is that you can also paste those links within conversations to reference another conversation or message directly:

Use cases:

  • Discuss with colleagues about a specific message in a sub-conversation.
  • Keep track of messages/conversations where your customers asked for new features.
  • Resurface an important message received a long time ago at the end of the conversation, so the message is not lost among all recent ones.
  • Reference a shared email in a private one-to-one chat with a specific colleague.

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Many more new features, improvements and fixes have been released in the last few months. Head over to our changelog to read about them all.

Etienne, Rafael and I wish you a beautiful end of summer (or winter for our southern hemisphere friends). We are pumped and already hard at work on new exciting features. Stay tuned!

Philippe Lehoux

CEO at Missive
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