Introducing Missive for iOS

by Rafael

Looking back at our blog, we have a pretty good track record at steadily shipping new features. However, not all announcements are created equal. As excited as we’ve been about snooze, tasks, shared labels, email delegation, canned responses… we feel today is one of our biggest milestones.

Since Day 1, the most common piece of feedback we got from users was something like:

OMG Missive is amazing. Please take all my money… Oh wait. You have no mobile app. Get out then.

… this is a tad paraphrased. You get the point.

Well, wait no more. Today, we introduce Missive for iOS.

Missive for iOS

iPhone and iPad users can now get all the productivity goodness Missive has to offer, right in their pocket. This is by no means a stripped down version. Everything you’ve come to love and depend on is there:

  • Email sharing and delegation
  • Conversation and task assignment
  • Efficient commenting and file sharing
  • Real-time collaborative draft editing
  • Shared labels
  • Snooze
  • Send later
  • Email tracking

You can even manage all personal and organization settings on the go. Everything is synced in real-time on all your devices.


One behavior that is now commodity in email apps is swiping. Everybody is doing it. But at Missive, we love to innovate. So not only does Missive let you archive, trash, or snooze by swiping, it lets you swipe multiple conversations at once.

Multi-conversation swipe on Missive for iOS

The experience is as intuitive as it gets. You likely never cleaned up your inbox as fast as you will with multi-swipe.

Push Notifications

Lastly, the app features a key part of any mobile experience: Push notifications. Always stay in the loop about new emails, comments and/or @mentions from your teammates as well as tasks assigned to you. These are fully configurable.

Missive push notification

We think you will love it. So please stop by an App Store near you, grab your copy and leave an amazing review. 😘

Download Missive on the App Store


Android users, stay seated tight! Missive will hit the Google Play store in just a few days. We were too eager to tell iOS users about the app, and so will we be when Missive for Android gets released. You will hear from us very soon.

Behind the Scenes

There is something extra special about when and where we got to publish the first beta to the App Store. In late April, while Quebec weather was still relatively hostile to us humans, we decided to take our boots and gloves off, hop on a plane and head to Praiano, Italy. A week of wonders, mozzarella, limoncello, and productivity ensued. For the interested, here’s a taste of it:


Beside the massive news, here’s a few other things we released lately:

  • Auto CC / BCC settings
  • Configure up to three spell check dictionaries in desktop apps
  • Gmail labels and assignee avatars are now shown in the conversation list

Consult our changelog page for the full list.

Until next time!

Rafael Masson

Co-Founder and CTO at Missive
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