by Philippe

Last week, we quietly rolled out a new feature called Responses.

Often referred to as canned responses or templates, they will let you write and reply to emails faster with pre-written snippets. Responses are especially useful when you end up replying to the same questions over and over again.

Adding a response to a draft is really easy with the search option.


In the animated gif above I want to emphasize how big the responses pop-up is. It lets you easily see all responses and their content. You can quickly pick the right one by navigating with the arrow keys.

In customer support, you might have 15 different pre-written responses for the same question. It’s all about context. Being able to quickly preview the responses and their full content before choosing one is priceless.


You can quickly find responses by searching their title, subject and content. To find a response called “How to be a better person?” you can input many different possibilities:

“ho bet pers”How to be a better person?”
“pers better”“How to be a better person?”
“person?”“How to be a better person?

Because the search is powerful and fast, it makes the organization of your responses less complex by lessening the need for a classification system.

Personal/Shared response

You can define responses just for yourself or you can share them with your teammates.

Keep your responses personal or share them with your team!

You can type “personal” or an organization name in the search box to filter responses to the ones you are looking for. You can input only the first few characters of your organization name.


Attach files to your responses!

You can also attach files to responses. When inserting a response, its attachments will be added to the draft.

Edit on the fly

Sometimes response content gets outdated. You often notice this when responding to an email and searching for the right response.

Edit responses content on the fly!

No problem! You can quickly edit the response and insert it in your draft. Because of this, maintaining your responses becomes less of a burden. Just do it as you go.


Command + Shift + O Open the Responses pop-up
Return Insert the response
Command + Return Insert the response when in edit mode
Command + F Focus the search input


We are pretty proud of this new feature. We revisited something commonly found in help desks and made it 10 times better, right in your Inbox. 👊

Try it now!

Philippe Lehoux

CEO at Missive
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