Snooze, Chats and More

Snooze, Chats and More

by Tristan

Here’s a quick recap of the new features we’ve added this month: chat conversations, the long-awaited snooze, and more.

Snooze them emails!

We’re very happy to finally introduce our number one request: snooze. This has undoubtedly proven to be a must-have productivity feature in any email app, and we’ve been using it to great results in Missive’s collaborative context.

The new Snooze feature in Missive

This is a nice update to convince your team to get on Missive. Knowing who snoozed a conversation is another innovative way to manage emails more efficiently as a team.

Snoozed in the team sharing overview

Chat conversations

New chat The New chat feature lets you start a new conversation without having to create an email draft. This opens up many new opportunities for collaboration:

  • Share anything with your team and discuss asynchronously without sending emails.
  • Keep a knowledge base of your notes, ideas and conversations.
  • Create and share to-do lists with your team.

Cross-conversations links

Missive cross-conversations links From now on, if you share a conversation’s link (right-click in conversation list → Copy link) in another conversation, a snippet of the linked conversation will appear for anyone who has access to it. Useful when you have several emails on the same topic!

Missive overview video

We built Missive around our own need of a better email workflow for our other projects. Here’s a quick overview on how we use it internally:

Opening the Beta to everyone

We also recently opened our beta to anyone. So for those still waiting for their invite, you can now try it for free with your team.

Bonus tip: Combine chat, snooze and subject customization to share notes across your team

Share notes and reminders with your team by creating a new chat conversation, changing its subject to something like “Contact client Y”, and top that off with a snooze until the desired actionable moment. Watch Philippe’s live demo of this powerful workflow.

Finally, if you’re still unsure on how to get started with Missive, check out our guide on Getting Started with Missive.

And as always, we love getting your feedback so don’t hesitate to hit us up.


Tristan L’Abbé

Co-Founder and designer at Missive
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