Tasks, HTML Signatures and More!

Tasks, HTML Signatures and More!

by Philippe

Here’s a recap of the awesome new features we’ve shipped this month: Tasks, HTML signatures, smarter snoozing and more.


This is a powerful new tool, one we planned and wanted for a long time. It will help you answer the question what should I do next? more efficiently.

At its root, a task is quite simple: it’s a comment with a checkbox. It is either completed or uncompleted.

A task can be assigned to one person, multiple people.

Tasks can be assigned

When you’re assigned to a task, the related conversation gets added to your Assigned to me mailbox. If all your tasks in a conversation are completed, the conversation gets removed from your Assigned to me mailbox.

Conversations with tasks are added to the Assigned to me mailbox

You can easily view and take action on all the tasks created inside a conversation by clicking the X of Y tasks summary in the conversation list.

Summary of all the tasks in a conversation

Rich text & HTML signatures

This is basic stuff that every email client should properly handle from day one, sorry for the long delay! From now on you will be able to create styled signatures right from the settings panel under the Accounts tab. If you want a more complex design (images, tables, etc.), you can switch to the HTML editor and paste your signature HTML code.

Snooze only if nobody replies

When you reach out to a lot of people, snoozing can be handy to be reminded to follow up at the appropriate time (#hustle).

Let’s say I send an email to philippe@acme.com and I want to follow up if he doesn’t reply. I could snooze the conversation in a week, so it’s moved back to my Inbox at the appropriate time I want to follow up. What’s annoying is if philippe@acme.com actually responds, the conversation will still reappear in my Inbox next week because of the snooze.

Snooze only if nobody replies option

To fix this, you can now snooze a conversation and check Only if nobody replies, so the conversation is not moved back to your Inbox if someone replies. A great way to be more effective at the hard task of selling and reaching out to potential customers!


  1. Send & Archive button
    Send & archive button
  2. Drag & drop conversations in mailboxes
    Drag & drop action
  3. Sign up with Google


In traditional email clients you can leave actionable conversations in your inbox or create a TODO folder to track your tasks. But you’re alone… there is no sane way to coordinate with your teammates. In Missive, tasks let you coordinate with your team when asking yourself What should I do next? Plus, with chat conversations it’s not just about tasks related to emails, you can manage an infinite amount of internal tasks right from Missive.

This is all in sync with our vision: we want Missive to be the one app you need to manage your business.

Philippe Lehoux

CEO at Missive
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