Filters and Much More!

by Etienne

It’s been a little bit longer than usual for this new release, but we think it’s quite worth the wait and that you’re going to enjoy these new features.

Filter any mailbox

Whether you want to see unread emails only or tasks assigned to a specific coworker, it just got easier thanks to our new filters!

Add filters to any mailbox

Scoped search

Filters can also be applied to searches with the extra option of choosing which mailbox you want to search in. By default it will scope the search to the currently selected mailbox, unless you’re in your Inbox. In which case it will search All by default.

Search filters

Assignment entries

A lot of things can happen during the lifecycle of a conversation, especially on Missive where your coworkers actions can affect how you have access to a conversation. This could sometimes cause confusion, but wonder no more! Assignment events are here to save the day.

Assignment entries

Hovering URLs

To counter phishing emails, hovering links in emails will now display the complete URL at the bottom of the screen.

Hovering URLs

Discard drafts

One of our top requested feature! Upon closing a draft without sending it, Missive will (finally 😅 ) ask whether you want to discard or save it.

Save this draft

Much more

Among these new features, lots of fixes and improvements have also been added, head over to our changelog to read about them all.

Etienne Lemay

Co-Founder and Developer at Missive
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