IMAP, Colored Labels, Merging and More!

by Philippe

After 4 months of beta testing, we’re proud to announce Missive is now compatible with your IMAP server. 🎉

✉️ Office 365, iCloud and IMAP

Missive now works with iCloud, Office 365, Fastmail, Gmail (Google Workspace) and IMAP accounts hosted by providers like Gandi, GoDaddy, Hostgator, etc.

It’s also compatible with Microsoft Exchange servers configured with IMAP access.

🌈 Customize your inbox

Most of us spend a good fraction of their day in their inbox. That is even truer for us, Missive users, since we also consume our internal chats in it. Being able to prioritize and organize our inbox is invaluable. To achieve these goals, we released several new features that will improve your day:

Colored labels

Define colors on your important labels so you can quickly skim through your inbox and know which conversations are linked to those labels.

Colored labels and mailboxes
Right-click on a label in the left sidebar to define a color

Hide sub-mailboxes

When you have many email accounts and some of them are mostly inactive, having them always in your face can be annoying. That’s why we now let you hide any sub-mailbox, or even all of them. When all are hidden, the expandable arrow will disappear for a cleaner user interface. When a sub-mailbox is hidden, you can still view all emails in the unified mailbox.

Hide one or multiple sub-mailboxes

Only show labels with unread conversations

If you and your team are heavy label users, having them all pinned to the left bar to monitor new content can be overwhelming. Thus, we released a new per-label setting that lets you hide a label when it contains no unread conversation.

“Hide unless unread” label setting

As soon as a labelled conversation receives a new email or chat comment, the label will reappear:

Show labels only when they have unread conversations

Merging conversations

This one is pretty self-explanatory; you can now merge related conversations together.

Merge conversations

What’s to come

Here’s a sneak peek of new features about to be released soon:

👯‍ Teams (90% complete)

Teams will let you better map business units within your Missive organization. Each team will have their own private group chat conversation, and you’ll be able to mention, invite and assign whole teams to a conversation.

📏 Rules (35% complete)

Rules will let you automate some of your email processing. For instance, you’ll be able to automatically assign or apply a label when an email is sent by a specific person, or automatically archive a conversation if an email contains certain words, etc.

⚙️ API (95% complete, private beta)

Developers rejoice! With our upcoming API, you’ll able to programmatically create drafts and push content to any Missive conversation. Have a look at the documentation for our first two endpoints.

API post preview
GitHub threaded notifications pushed to Missive using the API


Missive is crafted by a lean team of 3 software developers from cold Quebec City, Canada. In a world where big funded startups come and go, we’re enthusiastic about our slow path to awesomeness. Being small and profitable is an important feature; it means we have the freedom to experiment at a pace that is sustainable for our customers and for ourselves.

The one thing that we feel is missing when taking this route is the hype from the press. We genuinely believe we have created one of the best email clients out there. Still, two years in, no tech blog has ever written about it…

So, if you like what we do, please do compensate and share the word with your friends. 😘

The team, working from a villa in Sayulita, Mexico (February 2018)


Lots of fixes and improvements have also been added in the last four months. Head over to our changelog to read about them all.

Philippe Lehoux

CEO at Missive
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