Live Read Tracking and Much More!

by Philippe

Today we are really excited to launch read tracking activity log + notifications.

Live read tracking notifications

Now, every time someone reads an email you are tracking, you will instantly get a desktop/mobile notification.

Live read tracking notifications
You can adjust read tracking notifications this in your settings.

This is far more productive than manually going through each conversation to see if people have actually read the email. This was one of the most requested feature on Canny, we are glad is now shipped!

Activity room

To log all of this read activity data we created a new room available to all users named ⚡️ Activity.

Activity room

The beauty and simplicity of it is that it's basically just a conversation you can pin to Missive's left column. You can even leave notes in there using the comments.

Pinned activity room

Customize the look of the conversation previews

Do you prefer fitting more conversations in Missive's second column? Do you prefer highlighting the title instead of the participants? You can now customize the look of the conversations in Missive's second column to your own preferences!

Assignment entries

Labels sorting

You can now reorder the opened labels in the left column by just drag and dropping them.

Hovering URLs

Much more

Among these new features, lots of fixes and improvements have also been added, head over to our changelog to read about them all.

Philippe Lehoux

CEO at Missive
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