Shared Labels, Pins and More

Shared Labels, Pins and More

by Philippe

Missive gets updated daily: from bug fixes to improvements and feature releases. While our changelog page is always up to date, it’s good to sum things up once in a while, so here’s a roundup of what has been achieved in the last month.

Shared labels

Shared labels will let your team easily organize conversations in a structured way. By default, applying a shared label to a conversation will not automatically make the conversation visible to more coworkers, it will just label the conversation for teammates already having access to it. You can change that behavior and configure shared labels to automatically give some or all coworkers access to all conversations with a given label.

Organized your conversations with shared labels
Admins can fine grain sharing scope for each labels.

Example of shared labels we created at Missive HQ to help us manage our operation:

  • Sales
  • PR
  • Customer Support
  • Invoices

We also use shared labels in a kanban-style flow to track progress on feature requests and bug fixes:

  • Planned
  • In process
  • Done


We introduced a new section in the left sidebar where you can drag and drop conversations for easy access and reference. They might sound trivial at first, but they are not, pins will let you access important conversations in a predicable manner. The conversations are never reordered by their last activity like they are in traditional mailboxes.

You will always be able to select a conversation using the Ctrl + Command + [1..9] shortcuts.

As you can see above, the conversation preview in the Pins section shows the number of unseen entries (emails or chat messages). Think of Missive’s Pins as Slack channels. I personally always pin our team General chat room (Heliom) plus conversations related to things I’m actively working on.

My Pins at the time of writing
My Pins at the time of writing

Gmail Shortcuts

This was something some of our users desperatly wanted. Here it is, all Gmail shortcuts glory now live, you just need to pick this preset in your settings.

Missive supports Gmail shortcuts!

Emoji Mart

We upgraded the experience of adding emojis to your comments. You can now open an emoji picker where you can search, preview and change skin color of your emojis.

The code has been open sourced, find it here or try the picker here.


We’ve worked on so much more! To make sure to not miss a thing and be up to date with everything we’ve released, visit our changelog page.

A good way to keep track of our daily progress is to follow us on Twitter or Facebook. If you want to see and contribute to what we should work on next, go visit our ProductPains page.

Philippe Lehoux

CEO at Missive
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