Windows App, Spell Check & Print!

Windows App, Spell Check & Print!

by Philippe

It's with great joy that today, we officially release the Windows native app.

Missive on Windows 10!

Windows users will now be able to get desktop notifications and launch Missive right from their system tray!

Missive on Windows 10!

Go get the app here.

Spell check

Due to the way our collaborative draft editor was built, we used to be unable to offer proper native spell check. Not anymore! We completely rebuilt the editor from the ground up to let native OS spell check work inside Missive.

The spell check is based on your system preferences, which means it works out of the box with all languages.

For the curious, we used what we consider to be the most powerful, flexible and well designed rich text editor: ProseMirror. Thanks Marijn Haverbeke!


OMG… this was a deal breaker moment for many of our early customers:


As developers, we just never printed emails and felt it wasn't much of priority… WRONG!

Print emails from Missive

Our honor is now safe, we shipped it. You shall now print emails. :)

Assigned to others

We added a new mailbox to the assignment flow: Assigned to others. This mailbox will let you find any open conversation assigned to other teammates or any conversation with tasks assigned to them.

Find conversations assigned to teammates

Label menu

We redesigned the label menu. This new version will let you search, apply, remove and create labels. All those actions are possible without ever leaving the keyboard. To open the label menu, just hit Command + Shift + L (or L with Gmail-style shortcuts).

New label popup

Shared Spam mailbox

Previously, only the person who had imported a shared email account could manage the Spam mailbox. This was problematic in many teams where the person importing the account is not part of those who manage it on a daily basis.

Now anyone with access to a shared account can open the Spam mailbox and apply or remove the Spam label from a conversation. These actions will be synced among coworkers and to the Gmail server.


We also shipped countless other improvements like drafts warning you when detecting a forgotten attachment. Go have a look at our awesome changelog page to see all new stuff!

Schedule a tour

I personally started doing live screencasts of the app with potentially interested customers. I will show you how to best use Missive based on your team’s needs, plus some cool tips & tricks. 😄

p.s. Thanks to JP boily who convinced me of doing these tours… right now the ratio of people attending my screencast and converting to a paid plan is crazy high! Cheers!

Philippe Lehoux

CEO at Missive
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