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API - Connect Missive with your data

The Missive API lets you enrich conversations with content from anywhere on the web: commits from Github, transactions from Stripe, exceptions from Rollbar, events from your own servers… the possibilities are endless. You can also automate tasks such as creating and sending drafts, syncing contacts and more.

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To display third-party data in Missive, you can use the /posts endpoint. Each post you create can be nicely formatted and inserted in any conversation based on its attributes.

A post created from a Github webhook
Post created from a GitHub webhook
A post created from a Heroku webhook
Post created from a Heroku webhook

Given Missive’s conversational nature, you can either group posts into one or many conversations using the references attribute.

For example, you could have commits from your master GitHub branch grouped with deploy events from your Heroku app. This is a nice way to document your team’s progress in a single conversation.

With each project or branch in its own threaded conversation, you can group these conversations under a common “GitHub” label.

Ready-to-use integrations

To save you some time, we are maintaining and hosting integrations with popular services:

To get your own webhook URL for those services, open the API section in your Missive settings, select the Webhooks tab and follow instructions. You will end up with a URL ready to be pasted in the service’s webhook configuration page.

You can develop your own integration and share it back with the community. If you do so, we will host it on our servers for free! Check out the missive-webhooks on GitHub for more information.

Last updated on February 24, 2020

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