Feature overview


With Missive Calendar, you can quickly reply and schedule meetings, video calls, get reminders about upcoming activities and more. As with all Missive features, Calendar was conceived with teamwork in mind. Sharing events or entire calendar accounts is easy!

Missive Calendar currently supports Office 365 and Google Calendar accounts.

Missive Calendar

Here's what you can do:

Share calendar accounts

Do you have a general company calendar? Quickly share it with specific people, teams or the entire company!

How? Go to your Settings > Calendars > Select an account > Share this account.

Add reminders

Never miss an upcoming appointment. You can add one or multiple reminders.

Custom event reminder

Reply to invites and spot potential conflicts

Missive Calendar supports regular .ics invites attached to emails. It displays them beautifully in an agenda-style preview that helps you to know if you're available or not.

Reply to invites from Missive

Create events

Create new events directly from Missive.

Create new events from Missive

Four viewing options

Choose from a day, week, or month view. Or go for the agenda style, which gives you an eagle eye's perspective of the next 3 months of your life!

Choose from four calendar views

View snoozed conversations

Create conversations and use them as to-do items, then snooze them and see pending tasks in a calendar view.

Show snoozed conversation in a calendar view

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