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A crucial feature for true team collaboration. It allows you to chat with coworkers in various rooms and inside emails, SMS, and other channels of communication.

Chats for all use cases

Missive offers various built-in rooms, and you can create new chat conversations at any time.

  • General room: chat with everyone in the organization.
  • Team rooms: discuss ideas with people from a given team.
  • One-to-one rooms: have private conversations with a coworker.
  • On-demand conversations: invite specific people and start a discussion on a particular topic.


These are very helpful when a coworker needs help, you wish to express an opinion, or simply want to discuss an idea. For example, in a customer support setting where you don't know what to reply to a customer.

Instead of forwarding an email to a coworker or having to call a manager, you can just @mention someone and ask for help, all without leaving the email's screen. The other person will be able to access the email instantly to get the full context and guide you through the chat.

Internal chat screenshot


You can reply to a comment in 3 different ways:

One-click reply & Partial quoting

Reply from a different conversation


A simple and fun way to acknowledge a message, without notifications.

Conversation/message previews

Embed other conversations to a current one and display a preview of the message content. It's a great way to enrich a discussion.

Conversation previews

Styling and formatting

You can change the format and style of text to give more meaning to your message. Here's how.

Change comment formatting

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