Feature overview

Read receipts

Read receipts enable you to track, in real time, who opened/read your emails. The cool thing with Missive is that you can share this tracking data with your teammates.

Activity room


All read receipts are appended to your Activity room as soon as someone reads an email you were tracking.

Activity room

The beauty and simplicity of it is that it's basically just a conversation you can pin to Missive's left column. You can even leave notes in there using the comments.

Track emails sent by teammates

When a teammate sends an email and you also want to get live notifications when the recipients read it, you just need to watch the conversation in which the email was sent from.

Badge count

By default, the Activity room is included in the application badge count.

Pinned are included in the badge count

This behavior can be changed by right clicking on the Activity room and unchecking the Include in badge count option.

Setting to remove pinned conversations from badge count


You can set Missive to track all your emails by default, just go to Settings > Composing, then check the Track reads option. Your organization must be subscribed to a paid plan.

Last updated on May 4, 2020

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