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Missive helps us power through our business communications as a team.

François Lanthier Nadeau
CEO at Snipcart

Founded in 2013 in Quebec City, Canada, Snipcart is a developer-first e-commerce solution used by over 20,000 developers & merchants. It lets you add a shopping cart to any site's frontend in minutes. A hosted dashboard lets you manage your store's operations

We spoke with François Lanthier Nadeau, CEO at Snipcart, about how using Missive has enhanced their business communication as a team.

So François, what challenges led you to look for a solution like Missive?

We were dissatisfied with both our support process and provider, Intercom. The process was all over the place and too expensive. We had multi-threaded conversations in Intercom that would overlap with email inquiries. Just sorting that out took too much bandwidth. Many times, we had to switch to Slack discussions to figure that stuff out, losing a lot of time in the process.

Also, complex email inquiries requiring team input would often lead to long Slack threads. That context switching can be costly because jumping into Slack for one specific issue usually means being bombarded with a dozen other questions and notifications.

We tried to make it work with Intercom. We started exploring sexy automation and marketing features. I knew we were paying a lot for the tool, so I thought we'd try to leverage it better. I quickly realized that one, we were spending a whole lot more than I thought (north of 1,000 USD), and two, those sexy features were like 400 USD each.

That was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Realizing the time and money we could save by switching, we quickly started looking for solutions like Missive.

What was most important to you when evaluating your options?

A few things stand out:


We wanted to unite comms as much as possible and do away with context switching and orphaned threads.

With Missive you can collaborate around email, SMS, live chat, WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger, Instagram.


We're still a bootstrapped business, and >15K USD per year for Intercom started to feel ridiculous, especially considering the basic usage we made of it.

Missive offers fair pricing with outstanding quality. Pricing is around half the cost of similar solutions.


The amount of time I spend answering emails is significant; I don't want to be staring at an ugly UI for hours.

With beautiful column-design, soft grey tones, and intuitive icon usage, Missive has an enjoyable modern user interface.

In-app widget

We liked having that permanent point of access in our app with Intercom, and wanted to keep offering something similar.

Missive offers the possibility to add custom integrations.

How do you currently use Missive?

Right now, we use Missive for customer support, marketing initiatives, hiring efforts, and lead management. The only thing we're not using it for is product management. But we'll soon start looking into pairing it more deeply with GitHub.

We've separated the work into three Team Inboxes: Developers, Marketing, CEO (my tiny team of one). A few different rules parse incoming emails and assign them to appropriate inboxes.

How is Missive helping you power through business comms as a team?

It helps in so many ways!

Just the real-time editing of drafts is a good, quick example (we used to do that in Slack—painful). Sometimes, when a customer has had a bad experience, our devs will ask for my help handling the conversation. They'll start a draft outlining the technical aspects of the reply, and ask explicitly for what they need from me in the internal chat thread right below that conversation. I'll jump in, add my personal touch to the draft, send it, and follow-up myself with the customer. A similar flow happens when devs handoff inquiries to marketing, and vice-versa.

Draft emails with your coworkers

I love conversation links: it lets us transfer context to any customer-driven story or bug we handle in our product management tool.

Add conversation links to add context

A nice feeling you get with Missive is that you can really make it your own. Of course, you share some inboxes and rules. But so much config is left up to you as an individual user: theme, snooze, labels, send later, send and archive, swipe actions, shortcuts, etc.

What are the 3 key Missive features that you rely on the most?

  1. Missive Live Chat: to provide quick and personalized support for our customers. As a dev first business, it's crucial to offer excellent support, and live chat is a fantastic medium for this.

    Missive Live Chat in Snipcart's Dashboard

  2. Automation rules: we receive lots of emails, auto-replies, and stuff like that. Rules allow us to keep a clean inbox for each team. They provide a precise overview of what we have to do.

  3. Integrations: having all channels in a single tool is a game-changer. Overall it reduces our time to reply and provide better support for everyone. Inquiries from Facebook, Twitter, our app, our website, etc. all converge. We can even merge redundant conversations.

We're building a custom integration right now to fetch Snipcart customer data and display it in the side panel, making more data points available in context when doing customer support. It will let us update their monthly pricing, too, without having to go through our database.

From providing support to thousands of e-commerce store owners to deploying product updates, Snipcart is harnessing the power of Missive to collaborate more efficiently as a team.