Introducing Missive for Mac

Introducing Missive for Mac

by Tristan

We are very excited to finally unveil our beautifully crafted OS X app. You can now get the Missive experience right on your desktop. Download it now and make sure to request your invite if you’re not yet in the Beta.

The Missive Team Retreat summary

Download Missive for Mac

Missive for Mac brings a sleek and more streamlined email collaboration process. With native notifications, unseen Dock badges, and a clean UI, you can now close that browser tab and ditch your old email app for good (psst, make sure to set Missive as your default email client in the settings).

Saying goodbye to Google Apps restrictions

Previously, Missive required you to import a Google Apps for Work account in order to create an organization and start collaborating. This limitation no longer applies. You can now create new organizations with anyone, even if you all use personal Gmail accounts.

This will remove a lot of friction to try out the powerful collaborative magic that Missive brings to your email workflow.

Why Mac?

The answer is simple: us. We built Missive to relieve our pain of dealing with email as a team and an OS X app has always been a key part of our solution. We’ve gone through a lot to nail the technological aspect of it, but this shall be discussed in another post!

We do plan on releasing a Windows version in the future, but in the meantime PC folks can still use Missive in Chrome or Firefox and get a great experience, thanks to browser notifications.

Next steps

We will be opening the Private Beta to more users in the coming weeks to get more insights into different team collaboration workflows.

This is a work in progress and we need your feedback! You can send us an email, tweet or join our public chat room for a live conversation.

Tristan L’Abbé

Co-Founder and designer at Missive
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