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My company does not use Google Apps. Can we use Missive?

Right now we support Gmail and Google Apps only. We plan on supporting more providers in the future. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to stay up to date.

Can I import more than one email account?

As a full-featured email client, Missive supports multiple email accounts so you can use it both for work and personal email.

Can I be part of multiple organizations?

Missive was built from the ground up to support multiple organizations per account. So yes, you can use it in multiple contexts.

Will my personal emails be shared with my coworkers?

No, your coworkers will never see your personal emails by default. You can choose to grant them access to your account or invite them on a per-conversation basis.

Are my email actions synced to Gmail?

Of course, but with one exception: drafts being collaboratively editable in Missive, they are not synced back to each collaborator’s Drafts folder on Gmail.

How secure is Missive?

Every connection between Missive clients and our servers is encrypted using the Transport Layer Security standard (TLS). This also applies to connections between our servers and Gmail when we fetch your emails.

Why doesn’t Missive work in Safari’s private browsing mode?

Safari doesn’t allow data to be written in localStorage while in private browsing mode. Among other things, Missive uses localStorage to store your session token and identify requests to our server.

What does the arrow icon next to my name mean?

It means there is a new Missive version available. To update, click the arrow then Update to latest version.

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Mac app

I cannot set Missive as my default email client.

Since the OS X El Capitan update, many users are unable to change their default email application. See this thread on Apple’s forums for a workaround.

How can I update the app?

To update the app, click Missive in the menu bar then Check for updates…

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