The one app for all your  inboxes.

Team inboxes that work

Missive is a collaborative email app where you’ll feel right at home. On top of that, it lets you manage Facebook, SMS and Twitter accounts from a single place.

Chat, tasks and assignment bring seamless collaboration around these external channels. Teammates can even proofread and collaboratively compose drafts in real-time.

Team chat you can control

Email is too slow for internal discussion. To fix this, Missive lets you start threaded chats right from your inbox. Each has a distinct subject and just the right participants.

With such scoped conversations, no topic gets buried. This leads to a truly asynchronous workflow and avoids the fear of missing out you get in traditional chat apps.

You can also use the same tools to manage chats alongside emails. It will become second nature for you to archive, label and snooze chats.

Chats are just like email conversations. Discuss with your team on a specific topic and archive when you’re done.
Emails still show up normally like in your standard inbox.

Wes Bos 🔥

Gosh I’ve been loving @missiveapp for email. Even if I wasn’t using it for shared inboxes / support, I’d still use the desktop + iPhone app for processing email - it’s fantastic 👌

Zee M Kane

The one tool that has had the biggest positive impact on the way I work this year... @missiveapp. The tools it provides to help work through email and internal communication as a team have been incredibly powerful.