referral & affiliate program

Get rewarded 💰 for sharing Missive

Up to

per Starter user referred

Up to

per Productive user referred

Rewards are automatically credited on your next Missive invoice or, when over $250, can be paid in $ via PayPal.

When are rewards credited?

Rewards start being automatically credited to your invoices one month after a referred user subscribes their organization to a paid plan, and one month after a new user joins their organization. If the organization’s paid plan is cancelled, the reward is cancelled.

Is the full reward value credited all at once?

No, a fraction of each reward is credited to your invoice each month. If you refer a new user on the Productive plan, the full potential reward will be $50. You will get a $10 credit applied on your next 5 invoices. If the referred user cancels their paid plan, the remaining uncredited balance is lost.

How long does the referral cookie last?

Visitors have up to 30 days to sign up for Missive after clicking your referral link.

How to get a payout?

If you’ve cumulated over $250 in balance because there is no more space to apply credits to your invoices, you can contact us to get a PayPal payment.

Can I link to another page than Missiveʼs home page and get the rewards?

Yes, you can link to any page on our main domain by appending the ?ref_id=XXXXXXXXXXXX parameter to the URL. For instance, you could link to the pricing page with this URL: