Our Mission

Work smarter together.

In our fast-moving world, good old emails are becoming more time-consuming than productive. For teams, when it comes to collaborating around an email there’s no proper way to share thoughts other than more emails.

Our goal is to improve how teams deal with their inbox. We want to break the silos and breathe new life into an outdated process. Join us!

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Etienne Lemay

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Luis Manjarrez

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Philippe Lehoux

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Rafael Masson

Missive HQ Location
We are based in beautiful Quebec City, Canada in the heart of the Saint-Roch district.

Contact us

For support questions, please refer to our Help Center. For any other inquiry your can contact us at:


274 Christophe-Colomb Est
Quebec, QC
Canada  G1K 3T2

Press Kit

Our press kit contains our official logos
and app screenshots.