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  • 15 days history *



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All plans include 5 shared accounts

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* Your full email history always remains available on your Gmail, Office 365, or IMAP account.

Shared accounts are the shared accounts and shared addresses listed in the Email sharing tab of your organization settings.
All plans include unlimited number of personal accounts. Learn more here.

My company does not use Google Apps. Can we use Missive?

Yes, we support most IMAP servers, this includes Office 365, iCloud,, etc.

Can I get unlimited history if I use Missive alone?

Yes, but first you will need to create an organization in your Missive settings. In the Billing tab of this newly created organization you will be able to upgrade to a paying plan.

Can I import more than one email account?

As a full-featured email client, Missive supports multiple email accounts so you can use it both for work and personal email.

Can I be part of multiple organizations?

Missive was built from the ground up to support multiple organizations per account. So yes, you can use it in multiple contexts.

Will my personal emails be shared with my coworkers?

No, your coworkers will never see your personal emails by default. You can choose to grant them access to your account or invite them on a per-conversation basis.