Everything you need
to get the job done.

Send later

Draft an email and schedule it to be sent at just the right time.


Set reminders on conversations to clean up your inbox.

Swipe on desktop

Use your mouse to do swipe actions, just like on a touch device.

Undo send

Easily undo with different grace periods per message type (email, SMS, etc).

Auto CC / BCC

Never forget to BCC your CRM or boss when writing emails.

Quick reply switch

Supports Reply All, Reply, and Forward.

Hide labels

Hide labels unless they have unread conversations.

2-factor authentication

Secure your account with 2FA.

Snooze settings

Snooze right away or only if nobody replies.

Attachment reminder

Never forget to include an attachment again.


Set filters for mailboxes and searches.

One-click download

Download all attachments in a message with a single click.

Customizable subjects

Change conversation subjects to keep them relevant.

Multiple accounts

Add personal and business email accounts to one central inbox.

Label quick access

Set labels as favorites for quick access

Multi-language spell check

Select up to three languages to check your spelling.

Emoji picker

Add life to conversations with colorful emojis.

Unified inbox

See conversations from all channels in a single inbox.

Send & Archive

One button to send and archive an email, simultaneously.

Connect with Google

Sign up and log in with a Google account.

Print emails

Easily print emails, optionally hiding previous quoted messages.

Missive or Gmail shortcuts

Use our built-in shortcuts or keep using the Gmail shortcuts you know and love.


Write emails from multiple addresses through the same account.


Automatically assign conversations to a specific coworker or yourself.

Merge conversations

Merge two related conversations into a single one.

Colored labels

Choose from 30 colors to quickly identify labels.

Gmail search syntax

Use search operators to filter your search results, just like in Gmail.


Get desktop and mobile notifications. Customize how you receive them.

Multiple organizations

Create or join multiple organizations or companies via one Missive account.

Conversation links

Copy a conversation link and share it with coworkers.

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