Everything you need
to manage your work.

Send later

Draft an email and schedule it to be sent at just the right time.


Set reminders on emails and chats to clean up your inbox.

General and 1-to-1 rooms

Discuss general ideas with your whole team or specific teammates.

And everything you expect in a modern email client.

  • Multiple email accounts
  • Auto CC / BCC
  • Multi-language spell check
  • Unified inbox
  • Rich text and HTML signatures
  • Send & Archive
  • Snooze only if nobody replies
  • Connect with Google
  • Gmail shortcuts
  • Aliases
  • Forgotten attachment reminder
  • Auto-assignment
  • Undo send
  • Canned responses / Templates
  • Gmail search syntax
  • Notifications
  • Multiple organizations
  • Sharable conversation links
  • Chat message formatting
  • Emoji picker
  • Print emails
  • Quick Reply All, Reply and Forward switch
  • Filters for mailboxes and searches

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