What’s new in Missive?

May 15, 2018 v6.8.0

  • NEW Assignee rule condition
    Assignee rule condition
  • NEW Add to Unassigned rule action
    Add to unassigned
  • IMPROVED Add missing “Move To” when multiple conversations are selected
  • IMPROVED Don’t allow trashing conversations from a shared label anymore
  • FIXED Broken layout after snoozing on mobile
  • FIXED Broken layout when multiple conversations are selected
  • FIXED “•••” menu in composer when in new window

May 9, 2018 v6.7.1

  • NEW Not Starred filter
  • FIXED “New message” button no longer shown in General and 1-to-1 rooms
  • FIXED Closing full-screen window on macOS
  • FIXED App images not working on Windows since v6.7.0

May 4, 2018 v6.6.0

  • NEW Send response rule
    Send response rule
  • NEW Create post rule
    Create post rule
  • NEW Starred filter
    Starred filter
  • IMPROVED One-click assignment when not clicking on the checkbox
    One click assignment
  • IMPROVED Prompt when removing all assignees from a conversation
    Move to unassigned
  • IMPROVED Allow choosing specific users in “Remove from Unassigned” rule action
  • IMPROVED Tap composer top bar on iPad to toggle full-screen editor
  • IMPROVED Pin to sidebar shortcut
  • IMPROVED Allow setting sharing options when creating and applying a new Shared Label
  • IMPROVED Show more options when archiving from a Shared Label
  • IMPROVED Enable composer styling on mobile
  • IMPROVED Don’t navigate away from a conversation when unselecting current label
  • IMPROVED Show tooltip for all buttons in composer
  • FIXED Conversation view being scrolled when loading content images
  • FIXED Pasting rich text content into conversations subject
  • FIXED Bug where icon wouldn’t be the right one when swiping on mobile
  • FIXED Being prompted for “Extra account limit” when editing an existing shared address
  • FIXED Opening drafts in conversations linked to an organization when offline

April 23, 2018 v6.5.1

  • IMPROVED Alias selection when replying to emails
  • FIXED Freezes on iPhone X

April 19, 2018 v6.5.0

  • NEW Events shown when people are added or removed from a conversation
    Events changed people
  • NEW Events shown when conversation subject or labels are changed
    Events changed subject labels
  • NEW Email account rule condition, to match any email received in an account
    Email account rule condition
  • NEW Not Snoozed filter to hide snoozed items from Assigned to me, for instance
    Filter not snoozed
  • NEW Option to add people when moving a private conversation to Unassigned
    Moving private conversation to unassigned
  • NEW Copy Image option when right-clicking images in the desktop app
  • IMPROVED Assign menu now available in private conversations
  • IMPROVED Show previous messages now enabled by default when printing emails
  • IMPROVED Typing performance on iPhone X
  • FIXED Download All option in browsers
  • FIXED Download All option when multiple attachments have the same name
  • FIXED Attaching image files such as SVG, TIFF, WebP and HEIC
  • FIXED Wrong address used as From when replying to email sent to an alias
  • FIXED Background colors sometimes not included when printing emails

April 5, 2018 v6.4.0

  • NEW Add to Inbox action for rules
  • IMPROVED Reduced noise in Activity room
  • IMPROVED Menu bar always visible on Windows
  • FIXED “We’ve had a hiccup” message shown when leaving search results opened for a while
  • FIXED Editing comments in composer popup

March 26, 2018 v6.3.0

  • IMPROVED Support printing on mobile
  • IMPROVED Message zooming performance on mobile
  • IMPROVED Reduced bandwidth usage when scrolling and searching mailboxes
  • IMPROVED Copy messages hovering URL with shortcut
  • IMPROVED On Windows, remove installation files taking too much space in AppData\Local\Temp folder
  • FIXED Sharing an email account when user isn’t an admin
  • FIXED Inline images not always being visible when printing emails
  • FIXED Drafts window being stuck in sending state
  • FIXED Missing inline images in emails
  • FIXED Scrolling in preferences on older Safari

March 19, 2018 v6.2.1

  • IMPROVED Don’t make preferences options clickable on all width
  • FIXED Creating and applying label

March 16, 2018 v6.2.0

  • NEW Rules 📏
  • NEW Setting Missive as default email client on Windows 10
  • NEW New setting to never include owned aliases when replying to all
  • IMPROVED Show “Send later” in conversation previews
  • IMPROVED Settings menu layout
  • IMPROVED No need to log in to Canny anymore to vote and create new feature requests
  • IMPROVED When no items are selected, “up” arrow in context menus will select last item
  • IMPROVED Zoom message content by pinching or double tapping on mobile
  • FIXED Getting notifications on desktop for snoozed conversations when “emails” notifications aren’t enabled
  • FIXED Not being able to mention teams in General rooms
  • FIXED Removing conversations from Unassigned sub-mailbox
  • FIXED <table> formatting when pasting in the editor
  • FIXED Pasting cells from Google Sheets in the editor
  • FIXED Handle non-lowercase mailto: params (i.e.

March 5, 2018 v6.1.0

  • NEW Setting to always show messages’ addresses
  • FIXED Accesses tooltip not being visible in the composer comments column
  • FIXED Editing addresses in composer
  • FIXED Basic organization members not being able to delete comments with task

February 28, 2018 v6.0.1

  • NEW Connect your Microsoft profile for faster search results
    Microsoft profile
  • NEW Basic RTL support in composer
  • IMPROVED Sort sub-mailboxes in sidebar by either description or address
  • IMPROVED Renamed “Chats” mailbox “Comments”
  • FIXED “Mark as Unread” shortcut
  • FIXED Being able to mention anyone in chat rooms
  • FIXED Signature not always changing when changing the alias

February 16, 2018 v5.7.0

  • NEW Teams
  • NEW Office 365 shared mailbox support
  • IMPROVED Coworkers autocomplete when @mentioning
  • FIXED Merging duplicated conversations
  • FIXED Searching canned responses with Cyrillic characters
  • FIXED Removing task from comments
  • FIXED Sub-mailboxes not being sorted by description anymore

February 5, 2018 v5.6.0

  • IMPROVED Persisting “Only if nobody replies” between sessions
  • FIXED Marking conversations as unread

February 2, 2018 v5.5.0

  • IMPROVED Visual step to conversations merging to make it more clear
  • IMPROVED Pasting content from and to the composer now applies the same format
  • FIXED Automatically marking the selected conversation as read when receiving a new email in it
  • FIXED Empty email quote when replying / forwarding certain emails
  • FIXED Composer freezing the app when replying to certain emails
  • FIXED Navigating mailboxes and labels in the sidebar with arrow keys
  • FIXED Sub-mailboxes wrongly hidden by default

January 26, 2018 v5.4.0

  • NEW Option to hide labels from sidebar unless they have unread conversations
    Hide unless unread
  • NEW Colored labels
    Labels color
  • NEW Ability to merge conversations
    Merge conversations
  • NEW Settings to stop auto watching conversations on user actions
    Auto watch settings
  • NEW Set labels as favorites for quicker access
    Favorite labels
  • IMPROVED Refreshed sidebar and conversation list UI
  • IMPROVED One-click way to merge duplicate conversations
  • IMPROVED Display “Send & Close” for conversations assigned to someone else
  • IMPROVED Detecting system’s locale when setting the spell checker default language
  • FIXED Trashing a conversation when opened in a new window
  • FIXED Default reply address when “Always send from this address” is enabled
  • FIXED Composer freezing the app when replying to certain emails
  • FIXED Conversation sometimes not automatically scrolling to the latest entry

January 24, 2018 v5.3.2

  • SECURITY Security update

January 19, 2018 v5.3.1

  • NEW Allow hiding sub-mailboxes
    Hide submailboxes
  • IMPROVED Allow trashing conversations from search results
  • IMPROVED Default alias detection when replying to email list
  • FIXED Resubmitting same search term to refresh results

January 9, 2018 v5.2.1

  • FIXED Drag and dropping conversations into assignment sub-mailboxes
  • FIXED Applying filters bug introduced in previous version
  • FIXED Error on Windows when opening Missive while already running in background
  • FIXED Searching responses after deleting one
  • FIXED Bug where pins could disappear when joining an organization

January 8, 2018 v5.1.0

  • FIXED Missing conversations when computer time is set in the past

January 5, 2018 v5.0.0

  • NEW “Download all” button for attachments
    Download all
  • NEW Option to automatically remove assigned and closed conversations from the Inbox
    Auto archive assigned
  • NEW “Open in new window” button for drafts
    Open in new window
  • NEW “Play a sound” setting for desktop notifications
  • IMPROVED Emoji picker now includes latest emojis 🤩 🤯 🤮 🤬
  • IMPROVED Show “Save Image As…” right-click option for images within links
  • FIXED Edge cases where desktop notifications would not appear
  • FIXED Searching shared labels with non-English characters
  • FIXED Some email images being skewed instead of resized
  • FIXED Some Gmail shortcuts not working on Firefox
  • FIXED Direct attachment download on Safari

December 11, 2017 v4.8.0

  • NEW Automatically assign emails sent to shared accounts / addresses
    Show emails in assign to
  • NEW Open conversations in new window
  • NEW Default composer styles
    Default composer styles
  • NEW Double-click setting for conversations
    Double click setting
  • NEW Set as the default mailto: handler on browsers
    Browser mailto
  • IMPROVED Attachments sent from an iOS device should be angled correctly
  • IMPROVED Email sharing tab in organization settings
  • IMPROVED Page splitting when printing conversations
  • FIXED Notifications on Windows since Fall Creators update
  • FIXED Creating IMAP labels more than 2 levels deep

November 24, 2017 v4.7.0

  • IMPROVED Selecting the right alias when replying to an email from and to yourself
  • FIXED Composing a new draft from a draft window

November 23, 2017 v4.6.0

  • FIXED Draft delivery instability part 2
  • FIXED Right-clicking links in emails on Firefox
  • FIXED Creating IMAP labels with non-“/” hierarchy delimiter

November 21, 2017 v4.5.2

  • IMPROVED Spell check dictionaries management
  • IMPROVED Toggle prompt options with Tab
    Prompt tab
  • IMPROVED Show Sent mailbox by default
  • IMPROVED Choosing between Archive and Close should be less confusing
  • FIXED Drafts delivery instability for certain people
  • FIXED Spell check when OS language isn’t available
  • FIXED Empty snooze notification message on desktop

November 9, 2017 v4.4.1

  • FIXED Further improve archiving reliability with IMAP accounts

November 8, 2017 v4.4.0

  • FIXED Table layout in emails when replying or forwarding
  • FIXED IMAP archiving issues since v4.3.0
  • FIXED Drafts delivery edge case issues

November 5, 2017 v4.3.0

  • FIXED “Delete Forever” moving conversation into Archive
  • FIXED Bug fixes and improvements

October 31, 2017 v4.2.1

  • NEW Partly add support for offline drafts
    Offline drafts
  • NEW Setting to turn off past emails sharing for shared accounts
  • IMPROVED Overall drafts composer performance
  • IMPROVED Error message when trying to open a new mailbox while offline
  • IMPROVED Support mailto: URLs with slashes
  • IMPROVED Don’t show “Close” icon when conversation is already closed
  • FIXED Bug where selecting text in the editor would drag the window
  • FIXED Scheduling (Send Later) a new draft when in a popup
  • FIXED Duplicated desktop notifications
  • FIXED Adding links to drafts in Firefox
  • FIXED Present coworkers when mentioning in new drafts

October 6, 2017 v4.1.0

  • IMPROVED Show more helpful password error message for iCloud
  • FIXED Bug that would prevent opening accounts settings

October 5, 2017 v4.0.0

  • BETA 📨  Office 365, Outlook, iCloud and IMAP support
  • NEW Per-conversation setting to mute notifications
    Mute notifications
  • NEW Per-conversation (pinned) setting to exclude from badge count
    Exclude from badge count
  • IMPROVED Discard addresses autocomplete when pressing escape
  • FIXED Being able to set invalid dates for snoozes
  • FIXED Unselecting everyone from a shared address would delete it
  • FIXED “Save draft” prompt being shown when draft was already sent or trashed
  • FIXED Bug where applying an IMAP label to a Send Later conversation would delete the conversation

September 28, 2017 v3.23.2

  • FIXED Layout issue in mailboxes list

September 26, 2017 v3.23.1

  • FIXED Typo in settings

September 25, 2017 v3.23.0

  • NEW ⚡️ Activity room with live notifications for read tracking
    Live read tracking
  • NEW Granular settings to update conversation list display
    Conversation list settings
  • NEW Labels sorting
    Labels sorting
  • NEW Organization setting to always unassign conversations when receiving a new email
    Assignment options
  • NEW Pending invites are now listed in Organizations > Members
  • IMPROVED Show the Close button for unassigned conversations
  • IMPROVED Non-resized images in comments should look sharper on all screens
  • IMPROVED Rooms (private chats) can now have a custom subject too
  • IMPROVED Default alias detection when creating new emails
  • IMPROVED Forwarding any URLs to Missive is now supported
  • IMPROVED Attachments error message when the file server is unreachable
  • FIXED Comments appearing to be posted by the wrong author
  • FIXED Attachments being wrongly uploaded with a much bigger size than the original files
  • FIXED Cursor jumping when changing font / size / color
  • FIXED Unassigned mailbox total count issue when receiving new comments
  • FIXED Double-clicking an attachment not opening the right one in some cases

September 1, 2017 v3.22.0

  • NEW Undo Send!
    Undo send
  • NEW Chats mailbox
    Chats mailbox
  • IMPROVED Double-clicking an image will now open it on your desktop
  • IMPROVED Selecting tomorrow by default when picking a snooze date from the calendar
  • IMPROVED Don’t pin labels / searches / mailboxes when clicking with ALT pressed
  • FIXED Roadmap widget
  • FIXED Unselecting images and attachments with escape
  • FIXED Conversations not being displayed until context menus are closed
  • FIXED “Send & Close” setting not always being respected

August 17, 2017 v3.21.0

  • NEW Showing who from your team sent an email
    Sent by
  • NEW “Track reads” setting
  • NEW App can now be run in background on Windows
  • IMPROVED Sharing email accounts should be more obvious when in Organizations setting
  • IMPROVED Email accounts are now being sorted by description
  • IMPROVED Focusing new conversations subject will automatically clear the placeholder subject
  • IMPROVED Alias detection when replying to certain emails
  • IMPROVED Showing all conversation events in the composer
  • FIXED UI glitch when dragging conversations into Pins
  • FIXED Native shortcuts not working (i.e. back/forward)
  • FIXED Archive button not working when not in Inbox
  • FIXED Dock badge count not always being updated when receiving new comments
  • FIXED Parsing links with accents in comments

August 8, 2017 v3.20.0

  • NEW [] Do something comments will be turned into a task
    Comment text task
  • NEW Conversations can now be assigned with a shortcut
  • NEW “Opened” filter
  • IMPROVED You can now search for coworkers when assigning a conversation
  • IMPROVED Customizable “In X days/weeks/months” hour
  • FIXED Never ending “Loading message…”
  • FIXED Choosing Sunday in Snoozes will properly use the closest upcoming one
  • FIXED Conversations list being scrolled to top when pressing escape
  • FIXED Blank conversation when archiving on Safari

August 1, 2017 v3.19.0

  • NEW Snooze configuration ⏰
    Snooze configuration
  • IMPROVED Added “Leave in Inbox” option when snoozing conversations
  • IMPROVED Added a reminder button in the draft composer
  • IMPROVED Notifications settings granularity
  • IMPROVED Loading messages content should feel a little bit faster
  • IMPROVED Email accounts’ description now used everywhere when set
  • IMPROVED Forwarding emails now include headers in message body
  • IMPROVED Emoji picker includes latest emojis 🤡 🤢
  • IMPROVED Allow dismissing “Importing your emails” banner
  • FIXED Losing draft subject & addresses when quickling closing after editing

July 24, 2017 v3.18.0

  • IMPROVED Search filtering behaviors
  • FIXED Archive & Trash buttons being gone when multiple conversations are selected since last version

July 21, 2017 v3.17.0

  • NEW Filters 🗂  Read more
  • NEW Search conversations in a specific mailbox
  • NEW “Save this draft” prompt when closing a newly created draft
  • NEW “Show recent searches” setting
  • NEW Hovering a link in emails will show its URL
  • NEW Lots of new assignment-related entries in conversations. i.e. Assigning, closing, re-opening, etc.
  • IMPROVED Add “Never show again” option to the prompt when removing a conversation from Unassigned
  • IMPROVED Organization admins can now edit org name
  • IMPROVED Clicking the Mac dock icon now keeps the same windows order
  • IMPROVED Error handling when credit card is declined
  • FIXED New label being lost when creating a new one and applying to a conversation
  • FIXED Lost inline images in the composer upon undoing/redoing
  • FIXED Wrong unified mailboxes total count when archiving from a sub-mailbox
  • FIXED Wrong mailboxes total count when receiving a comment from a coworker
  • FIXED Sub-mailboxes not being updated when changing description

June 28, 2017 v3.16.0

  • NEW “Open drafts in new window” setting
  • NEW “Mark messages as read upon opening” setting
  • NEW Strike support in the composer
  • IMPROVED More modern-looking unread and total counts in sidebar 💄
    Sidebar counts
  • IMPROVED Images can be added as attachment again by clicking the paperclip icon
  • IMPROVED New conversations can now be created directly in current shared label or “Assigned to me” mailbox
  • FIXED Line breaks irregularities in the composer
  • FIXED Pasting non-image files will paste the file name instead of a broken file
  • FIXED Snoozing multiple conversations
  • FIXED table width inside the composer

June 14, 2017 v3.15.0

  • NEW Inline images in emails, signatures and canned responses
  • NEW Setting to disable “Send & Close” being the default button in assigned conversations

June 8, 2017 v3.14.0

  • FIXED Search sometimes loading indefinitely
  • FIXED Wrong unread count in sidebar when receiving comments from peers
  • FIXED Extra white margin on each conversation when window is at a small size

June 3, 2017 v3.13.0

  • FIXED Intermittent issue when trying to subscribe to a paid plan
  • FIXED “Toggle Screenshot Mode” shortcut no longer conflicts with typing special characters on Windows

May 15, 2017 v3.12.0

  • NEW Option to choose up to three spell check dictionaries in Windows app
  • FIXED Clicking Reply on a specific message would previously always reply to the latest message in conversation
  • FIXED Inserting links in signature editor
  • FIXED Layout issue when editing comment

May 2, 2017 v3.11.0

  • NEW Auto CC / BCC settings per alias
  • NEW Setting for hiding Gmail and Missive labels from conversation list
  • NEW Option to choose up to three spell check dictionaries in Mac app
  • IMPROVED Nested Gmail labels no longer show full hierarchy in conversation list
  • IMPROVED Overall performance
  • FIXED Credit card form in Billing section
  • FIXED Discarding draft from conversation view now prompts for confirmation

April 10, 2017 v3.10.1

  • FIXED HTML signature editor breaking the preferences panel
  • FIXED Web version: Send Later no longer archives conversation when Send & Archive by default is enabled

April 10, 2017 v3.10.0

  • NEW Gmail labels now shown in conversation list
  • NEW Save Image As… right-click option in desktop app
  • IMPROVED Greatly improved overall performance
  • IMPROVED Several visual and UX improvements on mobile
  • FIXED To: field not auto focusing when creating a new draft
  • FIXED Assignees not being selected in conversation context menu
  • FIXED Verdana and Impact fonts not being saved when used in signature

March 24, 2017 v3.9.3

  • FIXED Sub-mailboxes from shared accounts not showing for users without personal accounts

March 24, 2017 v3.9.2

  • FIXED Editing Name and Account description in Accounts settings

March 23, 2017 v3.9.1

  • FIXED Printing emails

March 23, 2017 v3.9.0

  • IMPROVED Draft composer performance on slower devices
  • IMPROVED Draft composer now opens in same window on mobile
  • FIXED Some emojis split in two on Firefox
  • FIXED Lost keystrokes in draft composer, mainly on Firefox

March 20, 2017 v3.8.5

  • FIXED Printing emails

March 17, 2017 v3.8.2

  • FIXED Inserting hard breaks in composer (with Shift+Enter)

March 17, 2017 v3.8.0

  • FIXED Checking and unchecking tasks in task summary
  • FIXED Typing accented characters after pressing Backspace

March 16, 2017 v3.7.0

  • NEW Ability to remove conversations from Assigned to me, without removing the user from the assignees
  • NEW Sub-inboxes for shared accounts delegated users
  • NEW Sub-mailboxes for assignment mailboxes
    Sub mailboxes assignment
  • FIXED Visual glitches on Internet Explorer

March 3, 2017 v3.5.0

  • IMPROVED You can now assign yourself to any conversation, even private ones
  • IMPROVED Added a “Discard” button next to the “Open” button for drafts
  • IMPROVED Comments layout in draft window
  • IMPROVED Errors detection when trying to update Missive without administrator privilege
  • FIXED Endless “Loading…” when opening new drafts
  • FIXED Updating assignees from the conversation list
  • FIXED Clicking the archive icon in Unassigned mailbox now properly removes the conversation from Unassigned

February 27, 2017 v3.4.0

  • IMPROVED Conversations’ assignees are faded out when conversation is closed
  • FIXED Endless “Loading message…” on slow connection

February 23, 2017 v3.3.0

  • NEW Assignees are now displayed in the conversations list
    Conversations assignees
  • IMPROVED Apple devices now use native emojis instead of images 🙃
  • IMPROVED Conversations loading performance
  • IMPROVED Drafts now warn when trying to add more than 25MB of attachments
  • IMPROVED Errors detection when trying to update Missive from a read-only volume
  • FIXED Showing/hiding attachments in print window for messages sent with Missive
  • FIXED App dock badge not being reset when logging out

February 16, 2017 v3.2.0

  • IMPROVED Easier to upgrade and check for app updates
  • IMPROVED Line spacing of emails sent from Microsoft Outlook
  • IMPROVED Forgotten attachment detection will ignore signatures content
  • FIXED Stuck pagination when scrolling too fast in a mailbox
  • FIXED A bug where you would need to click send twice to send an email
  • FIXED Dragging conversations of an organization into another organization shared labels

February 10, 2017 v3.1.0

  • NEW Windows native app! Get yours here
  • NEW Drafts now warn when detecting a forgotten attachment
  • NEW Delegated accounts also share the Spam mailbox
  • IMPROVED Conversations accesses layout
    New accesses
  • IMPROVED Removing a conversation from Unassigned displays a message explaining the behaviour
  • IMPROVED Snoozed conversations selects snoozed date by default when updating time
  • FIXED Links detection in comments when in parentheses

February 3, 2017

  • IMPROVED Greatly improved overall performance
  • FIXED Assigned conversations not having archive/trash options
  • FIXED Dock badge displaying negative number

January 30, 2017

  • IMPROVED Greatly reduce Missive CPU usage when idle
  • FIXED Some mailto anomalies

January 24, 2017

  • IMPROVED macOS app performance improvement by removing the transparent sidebar
  • IMPROVED Error handling when delivering new messages
  • FIXED Delivery error no longer shows Message sent! notice

January 20, 2017

  • IMPROVED Comments formatting improvements (`code`, *bold*, ~strike~ and _italic_)
  • IMPROVED When scheduling an email, the send button now displays “Send later” and doesn’t immediately send the email. “Send now” still available in the dropdown.
  • IMPROVED Print screen doesn’t show replies by default
  • FIXED Assigning a conversation that has been trashed

January 17, 2017

  • IMPROVED Attachments from emails can directly be dragged into the composer
  • FIXED Mark as Spam (via Gmail shortcut) also archiving an extra conversation
  • FIXED Lost empty lines when pasting plain text in the composer

January 16, 2017

  • IMPROVED Easier to find conversations’ applied labels in the labels menu
  • IMPROVED The comment box does not unfocus after sending a comment when using a shortcut preset that doesn’t support auto-focus (i.e. Gmail shortcuts)
  • FIXED Signatures not changing in the editor when the draft has been created from an alias without a signature

January 14, 2017

  • NEW Assigned to others mailbox
    Assigned to others
  • IMPROVED Aliases from same email account can be shared to different people

January 13, 2017

  • NEW Print messages 🖨
  • IMPROVED Avatars are a little bit bigger at the top of the conversations
  • FIXED Conversations subject can no longer end up having only a few characters per line
  • FIXED Regression that prevented attachments from being dragged into your OS
  • FIXED Signatures not being scrollable in the settings

January 10, 2017

  • NEW Label menu with search and ability to create Gmail labels 🔖
    Label menu
  • FIXED Clicking mailto links now properly opens new draft in Mac app
  • FIXED Send Later no longer archives conversation when Send & Archive by default is enabled
  • FIXED Send Later no longer shows Message sent! notice

January 4, 2017

  • FIXED Send & Archive by default setting ignored when sending via keyboard shortcut
  • FIXED Replies in existing conversations not appearing in Drafts

January 3, 2017

  • IMPROVED Assigning a coworker will now show the conversation in their Inbox

December 19, 2016

  • FIXED Some Gmail labels not being returned in search results

December 15, 2016

  • FIXED Wide messages will no longer scale down to an illegible size

December 14, 2016

  • NEW Coworkers with access to a shared account will now see its Gmail labels
  • FIXED Some messages that still appeared as drafts after being properly sent

December 12, 2016

  • NEW ✏️  Spell checking for drafts  ✍️

December 8, 2016

  • NEW Nested bullet lists
  • IMPROVED Composer behavior on iOS (auto-capitalize, double-space period, etc.)

December 6, 2016

  • NEW Quick switching between Reply All, Reply and Forward
    Reply to switch
  • NEW Send & Archive by default option in the settings
  • IMPROVED Ability to create canned responses from draft composer

November 29, 2016

  • NEW Responses (a.k.a Canned responses, Templates). Read more
  • IMPROVED Remove conversations from Unassigned when they are archived, trashed or marked as spam
  • FIXED In composer, show addresses from shared email accounts in auto-completion
  • FIXED In composer, delete attachments on backspace

November 16, 2016

  • IMPROVED Conversation will no longer switch to showing your own avatar after replying
  • FIXED Some attachments were previously not included when forwarding emails

November 14, 2016

  • NEW Conversation assignment
    Easily assign conversations to yourself or other teammates. Read more
  • IMPROVED Show unseen count in browsers’ title bar
  • IMPROVED Several visual and UX improvements on mobile
  • FIXED Issues with Gmail not properly collapsing emails with long quotes sent from Missive

October 27, 2016

  • NEW Clear button to show attachment context menu on Mac (Quick Look, Save As…)
  • IMPROVED Larger preferences window

October 19, 2016

  • NEW Draft attachments now show an upload progress
  • IMPROVED Remove added as a menu option on draft attachments
  • IMPROVED Smoother font rendering in Firefox
  • FIXED Send button is now disabled while attachments are uploading
  • FIXED Notifications now show actual emoji instead of :colon: notation

October 13, 2016

  • NEW Easier shared inbox and email delegation setup
  • NEW Mac app now supports pasting attachments in the composer
  • FIXED Issues with comment formatting and auto-linking

October 3, 2016

  • IMPROVED Existing comments can now be converted to tasks
  • IMPROVED Several visual improvements on mobile
  • FIXED Available app updates not being shown

September 21, 2016

  • FIXED Address autocomplete positioning in composer

September 15, 2016

  • NEW Send Later
    Send later
  • NEW Highlighted background for unread conversations
    Unseen bg
  • NEW Optimized layout for tablets
  • NEW “Download” and “Save as…” options for attachments in Mac app
  • IMPROVED Keyboard shortcuts reliability for Windows users
  • IMPROVED Warning when sending to an invalid address or no address
  • IMPROVED Unselect attachments when pressing escape
  • FIXED Draft collaborators not showing when focusing back into editor

September 6, 2016

  • IMPROVED New chat button renamed as New conversation
  • IMPROVED Reply, Reply All and Forward shown as a menu when tapping Reply on mobile
  • IMPROVED Redundant Archive, Snooze and Trash actions removed from mobile menus
  • FIXED Reply All no longer shown when it’s the same as Reply

September 1, 2016

  • IMPROVED Email with newsletter-like layouts now adapt to mobile viewports.
  • IMPROVED One unified and larger icon for New email and New chat on mobile.
  • IMPROVED Email addresses now appear as links in chat comments.
  • IMPROVED Validation error messages across the app.
  • FIXED Searching shared labels when some contain special characters now works.
  • FIXED Open in is no longer offered on non-Mac platforms.

August 24, 2016

  • FIXED Link to anonymous feedback form

August 22, 2016

  • NEW Unified menu for adding and removing coworkers from conversations
    Sharing menu
  • IMPROVED Copy tweaks across the app

August 17, 2016

  • NEW Conversation actions (Snooze, Labels, etc.) in composer
    Snooze before send
  • IMPROVED Conversation actions on pins right-click
  • IMPROVED Cc and Bcc fields hidden by default
  • IMPROVED More font sizes available in composer
  • IMPROVED More buttons shown for multiple selected conversations
  • FIXED Glitches and cruft removed from mobile version

August 8, 2016

  • IMPROVED Much better menus on mobile devices.
  • FIXED New lines lost in the plain text version of sent messages.

August 5, 2016

  • FIXED Bug when replying to message containing malformed address.

July 28, 2016

  • NEW Configure labels to automatically share conversations with coworkers.
    Label auto sharing
  • IMPROVED More relevant Emoji autocompletion results.
  • FIXED Several bugs on mobile.

July 27, 2016

  • IMPROVED Facebook group link replaced by Product Pains page.
  • FIXED Aliases in incoming messages are now detected case-insensitively.
  • FIXED Failure to archive snoozed conversations after they came back to inbox.
  • FIXED Confusing comment box shortcuts removed.

July 23, 2016

  • IMPROVED Emoji search returns more results.
  • IMPROVED -click lets you insert many emojis at once.

July 22, 2016

  • NEW Emoji Picker! 😎 🍻
    Emoji picker
  • IMPROVED Pins drop zone now takes all space left in sidebar.
  • FIXED ⌘← editor shortcut now properly moves to beginning of line.
  • FIXED Copy link in conversations context menu.
  • FIXED Forever lost conversations when removing Trash/Spam label.

July 21, 2016

  • FIXED Editing an alias name no longer updates the alias address instead.

July 20, 2016

  • IMPROVED Shared labels you create are now automatically added to your sidebar.

July 18, 2016

  • NEW Shared labels! You can now organize conversations among your team.
  • FIXED A bug that could prevent trashing or snoozing many conversations at once.

July 15, 2016

  • IMPROVED Opened labels and searches grouping in sidebar.
  • FIXED Searches not being alphabetically sorted in sidebar.
  • FIXED Trash shortcut not doing anything in Trash and Spam mailboxes.

July 8, 2016

  • IMPROVED Sub-mailboxes are now indented under unified mailboxes.

July 7, 2016

  • IMPROVED Notice showing when messages are sent.
    Send message progress

July 5, 2016

  • NEW Gmail shortcuts! Along with a cheat sheet for both Gmail and regular shortcuts.
    Gmail shortcuts
  • NEW Paid plans. You can now subscribe to raise your history limit. See pricing.
  • IMPROVED More obvious offline notice.

June 29, 2016

  • FIXED Some emails showing an extra scroll bar.
  • FIXED Bugs where Missive would stop syncing forever until reloaded.
  • FIXED Signature editor looking bad on Chrome and very bad on Firefox.

June 27, 2016

  • NEW Pin any conversation to sidebar for quick access 📌
  • IMPROVED Labels menu renamed to More with Starred, Sent and Trash hidden by default.
  • FIXED Lowercase and uppercase labels are now properly sorted.

June 17, 2016

  • NEW Track reads
    Track reads
  • FIXED A bug that could delay access to a conversation when mentioned.
  • FIXED Logging in with Google OAuth not revoking existing session.

June 16, 2016

  • FIXED A bug that would prevent pasting into a task comment.
  • FIXED Right click + Send
  • FIXED Layout issues when deleting comments.

June 14, 2016

  • NEW Collaborative tasks 😱

June 10, 2016

  • IMPROVED Specific error message when attachments are too large to be sent.

June 7, 2016

  • FIXED Including signature in draft after clicking mailto link.
  • FIXED Opening chat panel after closing it in composer window.

June 6, 2016

  • NEW Log in and Sign up with Google.
  • IMPROVED Show obvious notice when an email account has been revoked.
  • IMPROVED No more “History limited to 1 month during Beta” persistent banner.

June 1st, 2016

  • NEW HTML signatures
  • NEW “Only if nobody replies” option for Snooze.
    Snooze if nobody replies
  • FIXED Send & Archive no longer leaves conversation in Drafts.
  • FIXED Desktop notification when a draft is unsnoozed now work.

May 24, 2016

  • NEW Rich text signatures
  • NEW Send & Archive
    Send and archive
  • IMPROVED Address autocomplete results now include avatars.
  • FIXED Draft signature now updates when changing your From address.
  • FIXED To address now gets filled when replying to your own email.
  • FIXED Dragging a conversation into an IMAP trash.