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Out of office

Missive's Out of office status lets you set yourself or a coworker as unavailable for a determined period of time. Replies received in conversations assigned to you will automatically move the conversations to the Team Inbox so that your coworkers can handle these while you’re away.

Out of office status
Setting an Out of office status

Your coworkers will see your status when hovering your status emoji.

Coworker status in sidebar Coworker status in assignment menu Coworker status in conversation accesses
Coworker statuses

Setting a coworker status

Someone called in sick or forgot to set their status before leaving? Head over to the Users tab of your Organizations settings and set it for them. Note that only organization admins can change someone else’s status.

Setting a coworker status
Setting a coworker status


Assign user(s) rule actions give you the choice to assign users even if they are Out of office, or move the conversation to the Team Inbox like regular replies do.

Assign user(s) rule action
Moving conversation to the Team Inbox when user is Out of office

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