We’re hiring.

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After years of working methodically on Missive by ourselves, we decided it’s time to grow the team!

Before talking about who we need, let me tell you who we are. We’re a small team of three co-founders who love improving how teams communicate and collaborate around their work.

Every single day we talk with our customers to get feedback and enhance Missive in pragmatic ways. To get an idea of the problems we face and solutions we come up with, you can scroll through our product changelog.

We’ve now hit a point where our confidence in knowing what should be built next to improve Missive has grown a lot. We need more 🤚 to execute this vision; we need you!

Being a small team, you will have a significant impact on the product.

Who we’re looking for:

Product developer

We are looking for someone with curiosity and a desire to go from customer problems to functional solutions. You will work with Ruby, Rails, JS/CoffeeScript, React, and Sass.

Product marketing specialist

Right now, most of our growth comes from word of mouth. We’re looking for someone who can build on this and make Missive the most popular solution in the team collaboration space.

Key benefits

  • Great salary
  • Two retreats per year – Like this one!
  • Spotify account
  • Laptop of your choice

If this sound exciting, drop us a line at