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Command Bar: learn a single shortcut!

Maximize your productivity with the Command Bar. This feature consolidates all Missive actions into one location, requiring only a single shortcut. This guide will help you learn all the functionalities of the Command Bar.

To use the Command Bar, simply memorize and execute this one shortcut 🥳:

Windows macOS
Ctrl + e Command + e

A pop-up with an input text field will appear, type any words or part of words, for the Command Bar to suggest related actions:

When you type sno, as shown above, Missive suggests either the snoozing action or opening the Snoozed mailbox.


Customize aliases

Each action has a default alias, which are the characters used for auto-completing the actions. All actions' aliases are configurable. Just click the ⚙️ icon and define new aliases!

An action can have multiple aliases. Simply separate each alias with a comma.

In the above image, the custom alias al was defined for the action to assign a conversation directly to the user Legolas.

The same alias can be linked to multiple actions. In such case, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to select the right action.

Disable actions

If an action conflicts with another one you frequently use, you can disable the conflicting action. Simply click the ⚙️ icon and uncheck the action.



You can use the following patterns to initiate a search: search|searc|sear|sea|se|s {query}. As seen below, you can search in all of your messages, in your contacts or in the messages inside a specific label.

When typing a word that matches no action, the Command Bar will suggest you the action to search for the words.


For navigation, you can use the keywords go to and open.


For assignment, you can use the keywords assign, unassign, add, and remove.


Most integrations offer custom actions. For example, both Todoist and Asana offer a New Task action, as shown below.

The Giphy integration + Command Bar combo is really awesome to quickly add a little bit of humor 🌶️ in your chat conversations:

  1. Command + e
  2. Type gif then press the Return key to enter into the Giphy mode of the Command Bar:
  3. Search for a gif by typing any query, select and insert the gif with your keyboard:
    The good old Forrest Gump! 🏃🧔🏻‍♀️

App & conversation actions

To list all app actions, type missive, or directly search for the action word you would like to execute, such as log out.

This guide doesn't list all possible actions. However, all buttons you find in Missive can be accessed through the Command Bar. For instance, below with see the Snooze action mode:


In summary, the Command Bar is a powerful tool that consolidates all actions into one place. By customizing and mastering its use, you can significantly enhance your productivity. Keep practicing and make the most out of this feature. Happy navigating!

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