Canned responses

In Missive, you can create a collection of canned responses or templates that you can share with a team or everyone at your company. You can even create a private one, just for your own use.

Insert a response by typing the # character anywhere in the draft.

What are canned responses? Canned responses or templates are predetermined responses to common questions. When composing a reply to a customer question, they offer a quick way to answer to user inquiry while requiring little time.

How to quickly find the right response?

To find a response, you can type the # character followed by your search term anywhere in the draft, or open the canned responses popup:

Canned response popup

Using the # character or the popup you can quickly find responses by searching their title, subject and content. To find a response called “How to be a better person?” you could input many different possibilities:

“ho bet pers”✅   “How to be a better person?”
“pers better”✅   “How to be a better person?”
“person?”✅   “How to be a better person?

You don't have to input every character from a word for the matching results to show up. And you can refine your search as you type.

If you have multiple teams in your organization (Sales, Support, Production, etc.), they might have their collection of responses. With all the teams, it makes for a lot of responses. To scope search to a specific team, a user can prepend the team name to their search: sales be pers.

Same if you are part of multiple organizations, you can prepend an organization name. And if you want to only search in your personal responses, you can prepend the search with personal.

Because the search is powerful and fast, it makes the organization of your responses less complex by lessening the need for a classification system.

What are variables?

You can easily customize your responses with dynamic content like your recipient's name by using our variables templating engine.

A response like this :

Hi {{ recipient.first_name | default: 'there' }},

… if it matches a recipient.first_name would render something like this

Hi Philippe,

… and if it didn't match anything something like this:

Hi there,

Read this guide to learn how to do it.


You can attach files to responses. There are two ways to do this. You can either drag and drop your attachment into the body of your response to insert it inline, or you can drag and drop it at the bottom of the response to attach it as an attachment. When inserting a response, its attachments will be added to the draft.

Edit on the fly

Sometimes response content gets outdated. You often notice this when responding to an email and searching for the right response.

No problem! You can quickly edit the response and insert it in your draft. Because of this, maintaining your responses becomes less of a burden. Just do it as you go.


Command + Shift + O Open the Responses pop-up
Return Insert the response
Command + Return Insert the response when in edit mode
Command + E Switch to edit mode when viewing a response
Command + F Focus the search input


You can implement a categorization of canned responses by using organization labels. These labels will follow the same hierarchical structure as defined in Settings > Labels.

Labeling canned responses in Missive

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