Internal chat
Can I use Missive as an internal chat application?

Missive is very flexible when it comes to internal chats. You can create as many chats as you want by clicking the New conversation button, next to New email:

Create a new conversation

The button is named New conversation because it creates a conversation that behaves just like email conversations: it can be labelled, archived, snoozed, assigned, etc. When you create a new conversation, just pick a title, choose the people who should have access, and start chatting:

Add colleagues to the conversation

A chat can either be short-lived, to cover a single discussion topic, or long-lived if you want to use it for an ongoing project or as a generic channel for a subset of people in your company. In the latter case, you may want to use the Add to Pins option, so the conversation remains quickly available there:

Pin the conversation to your sidebar

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