Internal chat

Missive offers robust chat functionalities designed to foster meaningful, context-driven conversations with your colleagues.

  • External communication: Have internal discussions around messages received from outside the company (email, SMS, etc.).
  • On-demand conversations: Invite specific people and start a discussion on a particular topic, read more.
  • General room: Chat with everyone in the organization.
  • Team rooms: Discuss ideas with people from a given team.
  • One-to-one rooms: Have private conversations with a coworker.

Internal chat messages are very helpful in situations such as when a coworker needs help, when you wish to express an opinion, or when you simply want to discuss an idea. For example, this could be useful in a customer support setting where you're unsure how to respond to a customer.

Internal chat screenshot

Instead of forwarding an email to a coworker or having to call a manager, you can just @mention someone and ask for help directly in the email thread. The other person will be able to access the email instantly to get the full context and guide you through the chat.

One-click reply & partial quoting

With a single click, you can directly respond to a message and link your reply to the initial comment. Additionally, partial quoting allows you to respond to specific segments of a message. It's a straightforward, practical way to enhance your chat interactions.

Reply from a different conversation

You can quote a message from one conversation and reply to it in another, helping keep information and context intact across multiple discussions. It helps when managing multiple conversations and ensures that important points are not missed or misplaced.

Emoji reactions

Emoji reactions offer a simple and fun way to respond to chat messages without sending additional notifications. Rather than typing out a response, you can express your feelings with a quick, visual representation using an emoji. It's a handy tool for acknowledging a message, showing agreement, laughter, surprise, and more. Emoji reactions can also save time and maintain the flow of conversation, making your chat experience more interactive and engaging.

Conversation and message previews

With the ability to paste message or conversation links into your chat message, you can easily preview other conversations or messages. This feature allows you to incorporate relevant information from different conversations and messages and reference them within your ongoing conversation.

Conversation previews

Styling and formatting

To learn how to change the format and style of your text to give more meaning to your message, follow this guide.

Change comment formatting

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