Can we keep a conversation in the team inbox when it’s been assigned to a team member?

When you assign a conversation to a specific team member, it cannot remain in the team inbox. A conversation in the team inbox is considered unassigned; it no longer belongs there when someone has been chosen to deal with the case. Note that you can assign any number of users to a conversation, so more than one person can work on it.

However, it’s possible to move conversations back to the team inbox upon receiving a reply (email, SMS, Messenger, etc). This means that once the conversation assignee has responded to the customer, whenever the customer replies, the conversation will reopen back in the team inbox, visible to everyone again. So any other team member can continue dealing with the case, should the original assignee no longer be available to take immediate action.

To enable this, open your Teams settings and click to Edit a team. Scroll down, then under Assignment options, change “When receiving reply in assigned conversation” to “Move conversation back to the team inbox”.

This setting must be toggled separately on each team inbox in your organization.

Setting to move conversation back to team inbox upon reply

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