How secure is Missive?

Please visit our dedicated Security page for more information.


Why are my conversations closed when I archive them from my inbox?

At some point you probably discarded the warning prompted when archiving asking you if you also want to close the conversation. Saved warnings / confirmation dialogs can be re-enabled from the Preferences > Warnings section in each user’s settings:

<span class="translation_missing" title="translation missing: en.faq.show_most_recent_messages_at_the_top.image_alt">Image Alt</span>

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How to invite/add someone to a conversation?

There are two ways to add people to a conversation:

  1. Posting a chat comment with a @mention. This always shows the conversation in the mentioned person’s Inbox.
  2. Adding the person through the “Add people” menu, at the top of the conversation. In this case, it’s possible to choose whether you want the person to see the conversation in their Inbox or only give them access to the conversation, archived, for future reference. This is done through the Show in their inbox checkbox. This checkbox remembers the last checked / unchecked state you used, so if you have previously unchecked it, you just need to check it again to make sure adding people through this menu will make the conversation appear in their Inbox.

Image showing how to add a person to a conversation

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Why is there a different unread count in my unified and sub-inboxes?

It’s possible (and expected) for the unified inbox to show a lower number of unread conversations than the combined total of sub-inboxes in the case where unread conversations are present in more than one sub-inbox. For instance, if you receive an inquiry at your main shared inbox, then you replied from your personal address and received a reply in your personal inbox. When this happens, the conversation will be counted in both your shared and personal sub-inboxes, but only once in the unified.

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Can I change the number of pinned searches?

Yes, open your preferences and look for the Show recent searches option and change the number pinned searches allowed. To disable this functionality, uncheck the checkbox.

Image showing how to disable pinned searches

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Why are labels not showing up in my coworker’s sidebar?

The idea is that members of an organization may have different responsibilities and be interested in different labels. Listing all labels in everyone’s sidebar by default may feel cluttered for those interested in just a few labels. We automatically show newly created labels in the sidebar for the person creating the said label, since they are likely to be interested in it.

Everyone can easily manage labels as they see fit: hidden labels can be opened by clicking the More button just above opened labels, and can be hidden again by hovering and clicking the X button as shown here:

Image showing how to customize the labels shown in your sidebar

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What are the meanings of the user avatars?

Orange clock icon:
User has snoozed the conversation.

Blue dot (top right corner):
User has not read all emails in the conversation.

Greyed avatar:
User has archived the conversation.

Colored avatar:
User has the conversation in their Inbox or Unassigned mailbox.

Blue allow:
User is currently viewing the conversation:

Image showing user avatars

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Can I label my canned responses?

You cannot label responses. But you can link them with your organization teams. For example, here I created a team name Backend, and then linked a response to it.

When searching a response you can prepend your search with the name of the team (see image below). There I search “backend” and it selected the only response linked to this team. [team name + search query] will find only responses from a team containing the search query.

Image showing how to search in responses

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How can I quickly apply a label when I have hundreds of them?

You can quickly search and apply a label to a conversation by doing the label shortcut Command + Shift + L.

You can also mark a label as a favorite so the label is always easily accessible at the top of the menu. To do so, just right-click any label in the sidebar and select Mark as favorite.

Image showing how to quickly apply a label

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Can the draft composer be inline and not in a window?

Yes, there are three ways you can open the draft composer:

  • In new window. This option is great when you want your draft to be independent from the app's window.
  • In popup. Perfect when you need to focus only on the draft.
  • Inline. This last option is ideal when you want to see previous messages when drafting a new one.

You can access this setting in the "Composing" section of the preferences.

Image showing the different draft composer settings

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Can I undo sending a message (email, SMS, tweet, etc.)?

You can choose a delay time to recall a recently sent email. You will see a banner to undo the action right after sending the message. You can configure the next delay options:

  • No delay
  • 5 seconds
  • 10 seconds
  • 30 seconds

You can access this setting in the "Composing" section of the preferences.

Undo send

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Can I undo actions?

Yes, many actions can be undone. There are two ways to do this:

  • Use the shortcut Command + Z
  • Click the undo banner button. You can enable it in the "Actions" section of the preferences

Image showing the undo action banner

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Can I set a vacation or holiday status?

Yes, we call it out of office status. Learn more.

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How can I view only unread messages?

1. Select any mailbox from the left sidebar.

2. Click filter on the search bar and select Unread

Image showing how to apply the unread filter

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How can I insert an attachment?

Inside the email composer, on the bottom, click on the clip icon.

Image showing where to attach a file

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Can I change the size of the text in the app?

Yes. We offer 5 font sizes. You can access this feature in the Appearance settings.

Image showing where to change the text size

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Do you have a dark mode?

Yes. We have 5 different themes. In the Appearence settings, you can manually select one or choose the Auto option (the theme will be based on your OS appearance settings).

Image showing where to change the appearance of the app

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Is it possible to do bulk actions?

Yes. You can select multiple messages at once by holding the Shift key. You will see a screen with available actions that can be applied to all selected messages.

Image showing how to do bulk actions

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What will the assigned filter show?

When applying the filter Assigned to (Person A) on a search or a mailbox, the results will include both conversations assigned to Person A as well as conversations includind tasks assigned to Person A.

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Can I restore a discared draft?

Yes, it's possible. Here's how:

1. Go to your All mailbox.

2. Click on the empty conversation.

3. Click on the dark grey word draft (see image below).

4. In the new window, click on Restore.

Image showing how to restore a draft

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How can I merge two conversations into a single one?

Notes: Merging cannot be undone and you cannot merge conversations from different organizations.

Option A

1. Right-click a message and click on Copy link

2. Right-click another message and click on Merge copied conversation

3. Confirm the action by clicking Merge

Option B

Create a rule that when matched it will merge messages into a predefined conversation.

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Can I stop getting comments and notifications from a specific conversation?

Yes, it's possible. Click on the eye icon of a conversation and select the desired settings:

  • Watch conversation: All comments will show up in your inbox.
  • Unwatch conversation: Only mentions will show up in your inbox.
  • Enable/disable desktop notifications.
  • Enable/disable mobile notifications.

Image showing how to stop watching conversations

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Why do I need to confirm my password in the settings?

This is only if you need to update your login credentials such as your email, password or OAuth provider. You can update any other settings without entering your password.

That is meant as a security step to make sure no one but the owner of this account can change the login information.

Image showing password confirmation

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How can I show the latest email at the top of the thread?

Missive does not offer a way to show latest emails at the top mainly because of its collaborative nature. In Missive, each conversation is a chat room in itself.

You can add chat comments in between emails, and the natural order for chat is top to bottom. See image below showing an example of a collaborative conversation with emails and chat in between.

Image showing email and chat messages in a conversation

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How can I filter emails with different states, such as unread, snoozed, assigned to me, etc?

You can filter conversations per mailbox. For example, if you wanted to see all emails in the Customer Support team inbox that are unread and starred, you do the next:

  1. On the sidebar, click on the Customer Support team inbox.
  2. On the search bar, click on filters.
  3. Select the Unread option.
  4. Click again on the filter button and now select the Starred option.

<span class="translation_missing" title="translation missing: en.faq.filter-mailbox.image_alt">Image Alt</span>

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Where are the send later messages located?

In the sidebar click on More. A list will be displayed, click on the Send later mailbox.

Image showing the send later mailbox location

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How to search Gmail emails by date?

Missive supports Gmail's search operators. You can find emails by date by typing these operators:

  • After a certain date -> after:YYYY/MM/DD or older:YYYY/MM/DD
  • Before a certain -> before:YYYY/MM/DD or newer:YYYY/MM/DD
  • Older than X days -> older_than:Xd
  • Older than X months -> older_than:Xm
  • Older than X years -> older_than:Xy
  • Newer than X days -> older_than:Xd
  • Newer than X months -> older_than:Xm
  • Newer than X years -> older_than:Xy

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How to find archived emails?

As you might have noticed, there is no archived mailbox in Missive, just like in Gmail. All you have to do is click on the "All" mailbox. Right there you will find all the archived emails.

If you can't find the "All" mailbox in your sidebar, click on the "+More" option and select "All"

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Organization & Permissions

Why can't I delete labels?

Only the owner and admins can delete organization labels. Also, email account labels (those not created in Missive) can not be deleted from the app you need to do so from your email service provider (Gmail, Outlook, etc).

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How do I rename labels?

To rename anyou organization label, go to your Settings -> Organization -> Labels -> Edit

Note: Email account labels can not be renamed from Missive, you should do it from your previous email client.

Image showing how to rename a label

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How do I remove or suspend a user from an organization?

In the Organization settings, under the Members sections you will see a Remove button for each member. Be aware that only the Owner or Admins can remove users. A few important points:

  • The removed user will lose access to all organizations conversation. This is a background process and can take a few minutes to be finished.
  • If the removed user had emails from their personal email account in a shared conversations, those emails will still be accessible to them in a new private conversation.
  • The removed user lose access to all shared conversations.
  • Any opened conversations where the removed user was the only assignee will be moved back to the related team inbox.

Image showing how to delete a member

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How can I delete a comment?

Owners and Admins can delete other people's comment, Members can only delete their own.

Click on the small grey arrow on the right side of the comment and click Delete. The message will be deleted for everyone in the conversation and it cannot be undone.

Image showing how to delete a comment

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What are the different roles in an Organization?

  • Owner. There can only be one per organization. No one can delete them. They can change all settings, see and manage all shared labels, delete any comment. They can manage all contact books and managed signatures.
  • Admins. They can manage other Admins and Members. They can change all settings, see and manage all shared labels, delete any comment. They can manage all contact books and managed signatures.
  • Members. Can only see the content of labels shared explicitly with them, otherwise they can see labels but not the content of conversations marked with them. They can only delete their own comments. They can only manage contact books they created. They cannot edit managed signatures.

These roles can be applied/changed in the Members section of the Organization settings.

Image showing the different roles in an Organization

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Can I invite guests to chat rooms?

No, you can't invite guests to chat rooms. But you can can upvote this feature request.

Can I be part of multiple organizations?

Missive was built from the ground up to support multiple organizations per account. So yes, you can use it in multiple contexts.

Can we keep a conversation in the team inbox when it’s been assigned to a team member?

When you assign a conversation to a specific team member, it cannot remain in the team inbox. A conversation in the team inbox is considered unassigned; it no longer belongs there when someone has been chosen to deal with the case. Note that you can assign any number of users to a conversation, so more than one person can work on it.

However, it’s possible to move conversations back to the team inbox upon receiving a reply (email, SMS, Messenger, etc). This means that once the conversation assignee has responded to the customer, whenever the customer replies, the conversation will reopen back in the team inbox, visible to everyone again. So any other team member can continue dealing with the case, should the original assignee no longer be available to take immediate action.

To enable this, open your Organizations settings on the Teams tab and click to Edit a team. Then under Assignment options, change “When receiving reply in assigned conversation” to “Move conversation back to the team inbox”.

This setting must be toggled separately on each team inbox in your organization.

Setting to move conversation back to team inbox upon reply

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My company does not use Google Apps. Can we use Missive?

Yes, we support most IMAP servers, this includes Office 365, iCloud, Outlook.com, etc.

Can I import more than one email account?

As a full-featured email client, Missive supports multiple email accounts so you can use it both for work and personal email.

How can I define multiple signatures for the same email address?

In Missive, you can setup any number of aliases for each of your email accounts, and each alias can have a different signature. Even if you don’t have different alias addresses, you can create multiple aliases with the same Address and Name, just for the purpose of setting a different signature for each.

Here’s where to add aliases the in Accounts settings:

Image showing how to add new aliases

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Are my email actions synced to back to my mail server?

Of course, but with one exception: drafts being collaboratively editable in Missive, they are not synced back to each collaborator’s Drafts folder.

Will my personal emails be shared with my coworkers?

No, your coworkers will never see your personal emails by default. You can choose to grant them access to your account or invite them on a per-conversation basis.

Can delegated users customize their name and signature on a shared account?

Yes. It’s possible for delegated users to customize their name and signature when sending from a shared account.

To do so, each user must open their Missive settings (by clicking their name in the left sidebar), select the Accounts tab, then select the shared account and click Use my own. Then they can customize their name and / or signature at will.

Image showing how to customize your signatures

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Why are emails/conversations sometimes duplicated?

Sending emails from outside Missive is known to cause duplicate conversations, and it does so for a specific reason. Missive uses a pretty complex algorithm to enable email sharing among coworkers without privacy issues.

Here’s an example: once a company using Missive had a shared conversation (everyone in the company had access to that conversation). One of the employees used Gmail.com to send an email with sensitive content that needed to stay private between just this employee and one of his coworkers. Since the employee used Gmail.com to send his email, he did not think the email would be inserted in the shared Missive conversation… Unfortunately, it did. Everyone else in the company saw the email in Missive and it caused some friction. Since this day, Missive’s email sharing algorithm was updated to always prevent emails sent outside Missive from being inserted in shared conversations. Instead, these emails are only shown to you in a separate, private conversation. It may not be easy to spot, but if you take a look, you will see that one of your “duplicate” conversations contains 1 or more emails that aren’t present in the other, shared conversation. These are emails sent outside Missive.

To sum up: sending emails from outside Missive does create duplicate conversations, and there isn’t much we can do here. We prefer playing on the safe side for the privacy concern explained above.

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Why is my teammate not able to send emails?

They do not have access to any alias address to use in the From field. For your teammate to be able to send an email, there are a few options:

  1. When you want your teammate to send an email on your behalf, add them to the conversation and create the reply yourself. By creating the reply yourself, you can set the From address to any alias you own. Then once you have set the From address, your colleague can write the email and press Send.
  2. You can also share the whole email account with them. This will give them access to all incoming emails and will let them reply using any alias configured on the account.
  3. Lastly, your colleague can import their personal email account in Missive and configure aliases for the addresses they must be able to reply from. The emails they send would go through their personal account. Note for Gmail users: to add an alias to their personal email account on Missive, users also need to add it as a “Send mail as” address on their Gmail, as explained on this page.

We do plan on introducing more flexible options in the future, namely allowing teammates to send with specific aliases without sharing the whole account. But right now these are the possible options.

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Why are my Gmail account emails not importing?

One common reason is you configured your Gmail to not make the All Mail folder available on IMAP, which is required for Missive to sync your emails properly.

See the attached image showing where to enable the All Mail folder on IMAP from your Gmail settings.

Image showing the Gmail setting that needs to be updated

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Where are my email folders / labels?

Missive supports folders and sub-folders. They are called Labels in the Missive interface. You can open them by clicking the More menu in the left sidebar and look for the Email Labels section.

NOTE You can enable an option to always show a label if there is one or many unread conversations in it. Click on the ellipsis next to the label name in your sidebar and select the Show if unread option.

Image showing how to watch a label

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Do you support Microsoft Exchange?

Only if the server is configured to support IMAP connections. Supporting the Exchange protocol directly is not something we will implement in the short term. We’ve been in touch with several Exchange users and most of them told us that IMAP access was enabled on their server, so Missive’s support for generic IMAP would work for them.

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Can I set a different conversation color for each of my email accounts?

Yes. You can do so using rules. For each of your email accounts, you would create a rule that applies the desired color to the conversations.

ExtraThis can also be handy with time-based conditions. You could apply a red color to conversations containing messages that haven’t been replied after 2 hours. Read more about rules

Image showing the proposed rule

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I get an invalid SSL / TLS certificate error when trying to add my email account, what should I do?

If you receive this error when adding your email account:

Your SSL / TLS certificate is invalid, so Missive can’t establish a secure IMAP connection. If this is not a concern to you, choose “none” under Encryption.

It means you probably have an expired certificate or a self-signed certificate. You can contact support@missiveapp.com to know why your certificate is invalid.

Expired certificate

If your server’s SSL/TLS certificate is expired you should contact your certificate authority to get a new one.

Self-signed certificate

Missive currently refuses to connect to IMAP servers with a self-signed certificate, because if we allowed it, it would mean our connections to users’ IMAP servers wouldn’t actually be secure. A self-signed certificate can be generated by anyone, so if our algorithm accepted any self-signed certificate, it means our connection to your server could be intercepted by a hacker who could swap your certificate for theirs, and Missive wouldn’t notice because it accepts anybody’s self-signed certificate. Simply put: someone could read your email data over our connection to your server, and neither us or you would notice.

NoteIf a server’s SSL/TLS certificate is self-signed, it is not signed by a recognized certificate authority. This is often the case on default server installations.

However, people using a self-signed certificate and not planning on purchasing an authority-signed one for their IMAP server is something common. To remain secure by default while supporting this setup, what email applications usually do when people connect an IMAP account is:

  1. First, refuse to accept a self-signed certificate
  2. Show a warning to the user
  3. Offer the user a checkbox that says “Allow the use of my self-signed certificate”
  4. If checked, the setting will be remembered for this user only

The procedure above is exactly what we plan to do. We have no ETA yet, but we will offer support for self-signed certificates at some point.

Note that if the above isn’t a concern to you, you should be able to successfully import your IMAP account by choosing “none” as the Encryption method. Same for SMTP.

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Is it possible to delete a personal account but retain the messages?

Unfortunately it is not possible.

But here's a workaround. You should copy all existing emails from the email account you want to delete to an email account you plan to keep in Missive. Once all the emails have been copied and imported in Missive, you can delete the other email account.

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I can't add a specific Office 365/Outlook account?

If you try to connect a different Office 365 account and you are always forced to select the same one, it’s a bug on Microsoft’s side, completely out of our control. The workaround is to log in to Missive and connect your Office 365 / Outlook account(s) from a private browser window.

Here’s how to do so (on a desktop computer, mobile is not supported):

1. Open a private / incognito browser window (see instructions for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari).

2. Type mail.missiveapp.com in the address bar.

3. Log in to Missive.

4. Click your name in the lower-left corner of the window, click Accounts, then Add account.

5. Connect your account.

For each account, you may need to start over at step 1. Otherwise, the Microsoft popup may keep forcing you to select the account you previously selected.

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Why can't I see the button to mark an email as spam?

There might be two possible explanations:

  1. The email you're trying to mark as spam has been snoozed. To fix, unsnooze the email, mark as spam, and snooze again if needed.
  2. You're working with a shared IMAP account, and you are not the owner of the message. Only owners can mark as spam.

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How do I change my IMAP server details?

The Missive interface does not let users modify the hostname of an IMAP / SMTP account in-place because there’s a chance that the new hostname would point to a different email account with different emails, which would corrupt existing Missive conversations (lose assignment, chat comments, etc).

There are usually two different situations where people need to change the hostname of an email account:

  • An internal change at your email hosting provider, requiring a simple hostname update.
  • A migration to another provider, which involves transferring all emails between servers.

If you know your emails are still on the same physical IMAP server and only the hostname must be updated, just email us at support@missiveapp.com and tell us the new hostname (do not tell us the password). We will double-check that the emails still have the same internal IDs and then proceed to update the hostname in-place for you.

If you are migrating to a different email hosting provider, then it’s too risky to change the hostname in-place because copies of the emails on the new server will be almost guaranteed to have different internal IDs. This means you must connect your new account(s) to Missive and migrate past emails to these new accounts before removing your previous accounts from Missive.

Here is the order in which things should be done:

  1. Keep your current accounts active in Missive.

  2. Connect your new accounts to Missive.

  3. If some of these accounts are shared in Missive (team inboxes like info@, support@), configure your newly connected email accounts with the same sharing settings.

  4. If you have aliases defined in Missive, you must recreate them on your new accounts.

  5. Change your domain configuration so that you start receiving emails @yourdomain.com into your new accounts rather than your old accounts. This is done through your domain registrar or hosting provider’s interface.

  6. If you have defined incoming or outgoing email rules using the Email account condition, you must update these rules to reference the new account(s).

  7. Transfer all your emails from your old email accounts to your new ones. This is usually done using a traditional email client like Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird or Outlook. It should be a matter of having the two accounts connected to the app, selecting all emails from an account and drag-and-dropping them to the other account, like explained in this guide by hosting provider MediaTemple. The process is the same for any provider.

    This step may take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours depending on the number of emails. As soon as the transfer begins, Missive will start synchronizing copies of the emails from the new accounts.

  8. Wait for all these emails to be re-imported in Missive via the new accounts. They will be linked to existing Missive conversations behind the scenes; no duplication will happen. You can contact us at support@missiveapp.com so we can check on our side to make sure that this process is completed.

  9. When the previous steps are done, you can remove your old accounts from Missive. Since your conversations will now also reference the new copies of your emails, deleting the old copies won’t delete the Missive conversations, and neither their assignment nor comments.

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How to create an internal distribution list?

In Missive there's no need to forward emails. You simply need to share them. There are many ways to achieve this:

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Why can't I edit my signature?

You most likely have a managed signature. This means only Admins or Owners can make changes to it. You may contact them to request a change.

How to add Gmail to Outlook?

If you're trying to consolidate both your Outlook and Gmail accounts in a single place, then Missive is the way to go. It's as simple as:

  1. Creating a free Missive account
  2. Adding your Gmail account
  3. Adding your Outlook account

Now all your email is available from a single web/desktop/mobile interface.

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How to mark all emails as read in Gmail?

This action can be achieved in a few steps:

  1. Access your Gmail account in a browser
  2. In the search bar, type is:unread and hit Enter
  3. Click on the Select All checkbox
  4. Select the option that is highlighted in blue: "Select all conversations that match this search."
  5. Click the Mark as read button.

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How many Gmail accounts can I have?

There's no limit to the number of Gmail accounts you can have, but Google may force you to verify the account authenticity via a phone number. One number can be linked to a limited amount of accounts.

In Missive you can add as many Gmail accounts as you want. We make the distinction between shared and personal accounts. You can see pricing details here.

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Can I automatically share personal emails with my team?

Yes, it is possible. You can create a personal rule where if the conditions are met, it can automatically share conversations by selecting one of the next two actions:

  1. Move to team inbox
  2. Assign user(s)

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How to import a contact list?

Select an existing contact book or create a new one. At the bottom of the contact list, select Import contacts (CSV) from the options menu.

At the moment only CSV files built using the Gmail and Outlook formats are supported. Learn how to export a contact list from Gmail and Outlook. If your CSV file is from another source, you can easily adapt it to the Outlook format based on this demo CSV file.

Image showing where to import contacts

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How to import an SMS (Twilio) account?

Missive needs your Twilio SID and Auth Token, plus your phone number. Both SID and Auth Token should be available in your Twilio console page. Look for them on the right side of your screen.

Still from the console, you can access your Phone Numbers by the “three dots” button in the sidebar. It should be under the Super Network category. Here’s the link in case you can’t find it. From there, you should have the option to buy a number. Once bought, that is the full number you will need to enter back on Missive. Don’t forget to enter the country code as well (your number should start with a plus + sign).

Image showing how to import an SMS account

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Can I import my mobile phone SMS in Missive?

No. Missive offers no way to integrate with your existing phone number SMS messages. You need to use a third party service named Twilio. It’s a service that allows you to setup a new phone number to which you can receive and send SMS using custom programming or services like Missive. Its main use case are companies that want to offer customer support through SMS as an alternate channel beside email.

Can I send an SMS to muliple recipients at once?

Yes, it is possible with the Twilio SMS integration. It's important to know that a separate message will be sent to each recepient.

How can users unsubscribe or stop receiving my SMS messages?

They can simply reply STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, or QUIT to any of your SMS. No new messages will be sent to their phone number.

They will receive the next message: "You have successfully been unsubscribed. You will not receive any more messages from this number. Reply START to resubscribe."

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Can I send links in SMS?

Yes, supposing you're using our Twilio SMS integration. You simply need to copy and paste the link to the body of the SMS. The receiving party should be able to click on it.

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What does MMS mean?

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. Unlike text-only SMS, MMS can include graphic elements such as videos, images, audio, etc. Our Twilio integration allows you to send MMS messages.

You must use an MMS-enabled Twilio phone number. This service is currently available in the US and Canada.

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Missive Live Chat

Mac app

I cannot set Missive as my default email client.

Since the OS X El Capitan update, many users are unable to change their default email application. See this thread on Apple’s forums for a workaround.

How can I update the app?

To update the app, click Missive in the menu bar then Check for updates…

Image showing how to update the app on the Mac

Windows app

How to run Missive automatically at startup?

To run Missive automatically at startup in Windows 10, you need to add it to your Startup folder. See how in this Microsoft guide.

I hid the menu bar in Windows. How can I get it back?

The shortcut to toggle the menu bar on Windows is Alt + M.

Image showing how to toggle the Windows menu bar

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I can't see the unread message badge in my Windows taskbar?

You most likely have the "Use small taskbar buttons" options enabled. This automatically disables badges on taskbar buttons. To fix this, disable the "small taskbar" option in your Taskbar settings.

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How to upgrade to a paid plan?

You must be the owner of an organization. Open your Organizations settings on the Billing tab and choose your subscription plan. Upgrading must be done on a computer; it is not available on mobile.

Do you charge in C$ for Canadian customers? 🇨🇦

No, although we are a Canadian company all our prices are in US$.

Why do you charge for Twitter but not for Facebook and Twilio accounts?

Twitter charges a monthly fee to subscribe to your tweets and direct messages. Facebook and Twilio do not charge us to access your content.

How does the history limitation work?

Messages and chat comments older than your plan’s history limit are hidden from the interface and replaced by a message suggesting you upgrade. Nothing is deleted from Missive, and your full email history always remains available on Gmail, Office 365, or IMAP. The same applies to Twitter DMs, Facebook Messenger conversations, Twilio SMS, etc.

Will existing customers be exempted from price raises?

Yes, existing customers will be able to keep using Missive for the same price. Some new features might not be available to those on a grandfathered plan.

Can I get a discount?

We don't give any discount and this is mainly to control our costs as a small bootstrapped company. This applies to nonprofits, schools and businesses outside of the US.

How many personal accounts can I import?

All paid plans include 10 personal email, Facebook and Twilio (SMS) accounts. Twitter is the exception: all accounts are charged $20/month each. If you need more than 10 personal accounts per user, contact us at support@missiveapp.com. The Free plan allows 2 personal accounts.

Where can I view my invoices?

You can download them from the Billing section of the Organization settings.

Image showing where to view your invoices

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Do you offer student pricing or discounts?

Not for the time being no. This is mainly to control our costs as a small bootstrapped company.

Can my invoice include a VAT number or Tax ID?

Yes. You can add it in the billing section of your account. Here's how:

1. Go to Settings

2. Then Organizations

3. Select an organization and go to the Billing tab

4. Click on Change billing info

5. Use the Tax ID field to enter your VAT number.

Image showing the billing infos

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Do you offer annual pricing?

For the moment we don't have plans to offer such pricing scheme.

Can I pay with PayPal?

We don't accept PayPal payments. We only accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards at the moment.

Can I get unlimited history if I use Missive alone?

Yes, but first you will need to create an organization in your Missive settings. In the Billing tab of this newly created organization, you will be able to upgrade to a paying plan.

What are shared accounts?

Shared accounts include email, Facebook and Twilio accounts shared with people in your organization as well as shared addresses listed in the Message sharing tab of your Organizations settings. Twitter accounts are billed separately and do not count as shared accounts.


How can I change my password?

To change your password, you must click your name in the left sidebar of the app, click Log out, then enter your login email on our password reset page. You will receive an email containing instructions to reset the password for your account.

Image showing where to reset your password

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Do you support 2-factor Authentication (2FA)?

Yes, users connecting to Missive with an email and password can enable 2FA from their Profile settings.

For users connecting to Missive with Google, here's how to enable 2FA.

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How to change my Missive account email address?

Go to your Settings -> Profile -> Enter password -> Login email (enter new one)

Image showing where to change your Missive account email address

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How do I change my avatar?

Go to your Settings -> Profile -> Click on image/circle

Image showing how to change your avatar

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How to change from Google login to username/password?

Go to your Settings -> Profile -> Set a password

<span class="translation_missing" title="translation missing: en.faq.change-google-login.image_alt">Image Alt</span>

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How to delete my Missive user account?

Please know this action cannot be undone.

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Make sure you are no longer a member of any organization:

    1. If you own an organization, delete it in Organizations > Delete organization.

    2. Otherwise, an admin must remove you in Organizations > Members.

  3. Delete all your connected accounts (email, SMS, etc) in Accounts > Delete account.

  4. Delete all your integrations (Asana, Todoist, etc) in Integrations > Delete integration.

  5. Go to Profile.

  6. Enter your password.

  7. Scroll down to Delete account and click Delete.

  8. A confirmation popup will appear; click Delete.

You will immediately be logged out of Missive with no means of logging back in.

Within 30 days, all traces of your Missive data and activity will be permanently deleted from our database, cloud storage, backups, and logs.

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Do you offer a Linux version?

No, we don't offer a desktop Linux app. Linux users can still use Missive web version. Here's why we don't offer a Linux version for the moment:

  • There is not enough demand.
  • Each release needs to be tested, as a team of 3 where no one uses Linux, this would take too much of our time.

You are more than welcome to vote for the feature request.

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Can I change the language of the app?

No, you can't change the language of the app, we only offer Missive in English. But you can can create a feature request for your language.

Do you offer analytics or metrics?

No, we don't offer analytics or metrics. But you can can upvote this feature request.

Do you offer an in-app calendar?

No, we don't offer a calendar. But you can can upvote this feature request.

Can I use Missive with a Chromebook?

Yes. You can do so by opening Chrome and going to mail.missiveapp.com.

I have unread comments or emails but I can't find where?

This might be a pinned conversation in your sidebar, such as the activity room. By default, pinned conversations with unread comments or emails are included in the application's badge count.

This behavior can be changed by right-clicking on any pinned item and unchecking the Include in badge count option.

<span class="translation_missing" title="translation missing: en.faq.wrong-badge-count.image_alt">Image Alt</span>

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I would like to respond to Instagram direct messages in Missive. Is this possible?

For the time being, no, we don't have an integration with Instagram. But you can upvote this feature request.

You might be interested to know that we do support direct messages from Twitter and Messenger.

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Can I use an existing number and use it for WhatsApp?

Yes, you can import an existing phone number in Twilio, then use it with the WhatsApp integration. Please note that this is a long process (up to 4 weeks). It is commonly known as porting.

Learn more about the porting process.

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Can I get a list of all IP addresses used by Missive's servers?

The servers Missive uses to connect to IMAP servers are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). There are multiple IP addresses active at once and these may change several times a day.

If you need a list of IP address ranges to whitelist on your server, you can use the following file provided by AWS:


Although this may change in the future, all our servers currently originate from the US East 1 (N. Virginia) region, so you can filter the file and select only the IP ranges with "region": "us-east-1".

Note that this file may change regularly; you must synchronize the whitelist on your IMAP server accordingly. You can read more on the expected usage of this file.

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Do you have a Zapier integration?

We don't have a Zapier integration, but you can upvote this feature request.

Do you have a Notion integration?

We don't have a Notion integration, but you can upvote this feature request.

Do you have a WeChat integration?

We don't have a WeChat integration, but you can upvote this feature request.

Do you have a Telegram integration?

We don't have a Telegram integration, but you can upvote this feature request.

Do you have an Evernote integration?

We don't have an Evernote integration, but you can upvote this feature request.

What is the meaning of error 5.7.0 when sending a message?

This is an error related to attachments. It comes from your Gmail SMTP server, read more.

Can I change the language of the spell check?

You can customize spell check dictionaries to use up to 3 at the same time.

To do so, write some random text in the draft composer or the chatbox, then right-click the text, and you will see the dictionary list you can customize. See the following image:

Image showing how to enable spell check

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How to set up an out-of-office auto-response within a particular schedule?

You can achieve this by creating a personal rule for incoming emails that looks like this:

<span class="translation_missing" title="translation missing: en.faq.out-of-office-autoresponse.image_alt">Image Alt</span>

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Are you having a service outage?

If we are experiencing issues with the service, we will post a message on Twitter.

Visit our Twitter account for the most up-to-date reports.

Why doesn’t Missive work in Safari’s private browsing mode?

Safari doesn’t allow data to be written in localStorage while in private browsing mode. Among other things, Missive uses localStorage to store your session token and identify requests to our server.

How to block someone on Messenger?

If you wish to stop receiving messages from a Facebook Messenger contact, you can ban them from your Page. To do so:

  1. Log in to your business Facebook Page
  2. Go to Inbox
  3. Select the contact
  4. Click the 3-dot button, next to the star
  5. Click “Ban from page”.

People who are banned can't post, comment, send messages or take other actions on your Page. They will not be notified.

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How to wave on Messenger?

Whenever you add a new contact to Messenger, you will automatically see the option to wave hello to that person. This feature is not available when you message businesses.

But, if someone sends you a wave emoji in Messenger and you're replying from Missive, you can always wave back the same emoji: 👋

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How do I enable two-factor Authentication (2FA)?

Enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) to your Missive account will add an extra layer of protection to your data.

For users connecting via OAuth, please read this tutorial for people who sign in with Google or this other for people who sign in with Apple.

To activate 2FA on your regular Missive account, you will need to get an authentication app such as Authy or Google Authenticator.

Once you have downloaded one of the apps, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Profile
  3. Enter your account password
  4. Click on Enable two-factor authentication
  5. With the previously downloaded authentication app, scan the QR code
  6. Enter the 6-code digit in Missive.

Screenshot of Missive's two-factor authentication QR code

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Can I apply hierarchy or order to my rules?

Rules are applied in the order they are listed in the Missive interface; they are sorted by alphabetical order of the “Description” field. This means if you want to force rules to be applied in a specific order, the trick is to add a numeric prefix to your rule descriptions:

01. Rule description…
02. Rule description…
03. Rule description…

In the application it would look like this:

Screenshot of Missive's hierarchy or order of rules

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How do I migrate from Front and keep my comments?

Import all your accounts to Missive. Once that's done:

  1. Export your Front team's account data.
  2. Send us the .zip files they will be giving you.
  3. We will parse your Front .zip files and attach previous comments to the appropriate Missive conversations.

This is a paid service and it can take a few business days for it to be completed.

Front comments are attached as posts to conversations, not as native comments, so you can clearly see they were made on Front and not on Missive.

Here is an example of how a post looks like. For a Front import, the Campaign Monitor name would be replaced by the comment author’s name and the text content would be the comment text. Comment attachments would be included as well.

Screenshot of Missive's API posts

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What is round-robin assignment?

Round-robin or in turn is the most used method to distribute incoming conversations across a team. It automatically assigns conversations to selected coworkers on a cyclical basis.

It basically rotates incoming conversations in the order they are received. For example, if there are three customer support employees, then:

  • The first customer request goes to Employee A
  • The second customer request goes to Employee B
  • The third customer request goes to Employee C

The workload will continue to be assigned in this order. This ensures the conversation load is distributed evenly among employees.

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What is least busy assignment?

In this assignement method, the system looks for the teammate with the fewest assigned conversations and assigns the pending work.

For example, let's say you have three customer support employees and two new conversations to be assigned. The first employee has six assigned conversations, the second has five and the third has only one. In this case, the third employee will be assigned the two new conversations.

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What is all at once assignment?

In this assignment method, any incoming conversation will be assigned to all selected teammates.

For example, if you have three customer support employees and four new customer requests, they will all be assigned the same four new conversations.

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What is randomly assignment?

This assignment method does not discriminate or take into account the amount of work any teammate might have. It simply assigns conversations randomly.

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How can I balance my team's workload?

Missive lets you automatically distribute your team's workload with four distinct balancing methods. You can select one of them by creating a rule with the Assign user(s) action.

Screenshot of Missive's workload balance methods in rules

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How can I know if my emails are being tracked?

Missive auto blocks read trackers and 1x1 images to prevent senders from spying on what you do with their email.

Whenever you receive an email that contains a read tracker, you will see an icon, letting you know that we've detected and blocked trackers. If you click on the icon, you can see who those trackers are and where they come from.

Screenshot of Missive's auto read track blocker

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