Can I export my data?

We can export your data on our side, contact us via email. When the export is ready, links to .zip files will then appear in your Missive account so you can download them.

We offer two kinds of exports:

  • A .csv export of only chat comments + attached files. This is all chat comments you or your coworkers have posted in Missive conversations you have access to. It’s a human-friendly format that opens in Excel or other spreadsheet apps, so you can easily view and search things. It contains only chat comments (not emails) because that’s your only data that is stored only in Missive (you already have copies of all your emails on your Gmail / Office / IMAP server).

  • A .json export of all contents, including all email and chat comments, from all Missive conversations you have access to. This contains 100% of all your Missive conversation data, but is much heavier and not as friendly for humans to look at. It’s an export format that’s mostly meant to be read by programming tools in order to import into another system.

Tell us which format you prefer.

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