How to delete my Missive user account?

Please know this action cannot be undone.

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Make sure you are no longer a member of any organization:

    1. If you own an organization, delete it in Organizations > Delete organization.

    2. Otherwise, an admin must remove you in Organizations > Users.

  3. Delete all your connected accounts (email, SMS, etc) in Accounts > Delete account.

  4. Delete all your calendar accounts in Calendars > Delete account.

  5. Delete all your integrations (Asana, Todoist, etc) in Integrations > Delete integration.

  6. Go to Login & Security. You may need to type your password or confirm your identity with Google or Apple.

  7. Scroll down to Delete account and click Delete.

  8. A confirmation popup will appear; click Delete.

You will immediately be logged out of Missive with no means of logging back in.

Within 30 days, all traces of your Missive data and activity will be permanently deleted from our database, cloud storage, backups, and logs.

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