How to install Missive if you don't have admin permissions on your computer?

For the auto-update to work for users without admin privilege, Missive needs to be downloaded and moved to the user’s personal Applications folders (eg. /Users/frodo/Applications) whereas most apps are normally installed in /Applications.

If Missive hasn’t already been installed, jump to step 2.

1) From the admin account, completely uninstall Missive and its related files. To do that, we recommend using AppCleaner.

Completely uninstall Missive and its related files

2) From the user account, download the latest Missive version and open the .dmg file. Do not move the app in the Applications shortcut provided. Instead, open another Finder window and go to the user’s Home folder (Command + Shift + H) and drag Missive into the Applications folder. That folder doesn’t require admin rights. If you’re prompted with an admin/password dialog, you’re most likely not dragging the app in the right directory.

Move Missive to the non-admin user personal Applications

3) Open Missive from there, pin in to your Dock and you’re ready to collaborate! 😎

Pin Missive to your Dock

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