How do I migrate from Front and keep my data?

For a smooth transition from Front to Missive, here are the steps to take.

  1. Fully setup your Missive organization:

    1. Create your organization, subscribe to a paid plan.
    2. Invite all your coworkers.
    3. Connect all your accounts (email, SMS, etc).
    4. Wait for your past email history to be imported in Missive.
    5. Ensure your organization is fully functional in Missive and no longer using Front.
  2. Ask the Front support team to export your data. Request an export of both your team inboxes and private inboxes.

    Please ask for an export that includes attachments and EML files, otherwise you may get an export that lacks attachments and full email contents which is not suitable for importing into a new system.

  3. Forward us the links to .zip files they will send you.

  4. We will process the .zip files to import data into the appropriate Missive conversations.

To use this service, you need to have an active Missive subscription. Please note that it may take up to a few business days for the process to be completed.

Here are details on which data is and isn't imported:

  • All SMS messages are imported.

  • Chat comments are imported into conversations that contain at least one related email or SMS message. These comments will look different than regular comments posted via Missive. This way you can clearly see they were imported from Front.

  • Contacts are not imported. You can easily import a CSV yourself.

  • Tags in Front are not imported.

  • The snoozed state of conversations will not be carried over. Therefore, we suggest unsnoozing all snoozed emails before migrating. Otherwise, snoozed emails will appear as archived in Missive.

  • Most of the time, no emails are imported. These are expected to be stored on your server (Gmail, Office 365, IMAP) and synced when you connect your email accounts to Missive.

    However, if you previously used Front’s SMTP forwarding feature, some of your emails are only stored in Front and in your .zip export files.

    To preserve SMTP-forwarded emails while moving away from Front, we will ask you to choose an email account you connected to Missive into which we will store copies of these emails. Thus, you will have a permanent server backup and the emails will also automatically sync to Missive. Note that all SMTP-forwarded emails that we store as part of the Front import are stored as archived, because we cannot know from the Front export data whether these emails were archived or not in Front.

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