What are the different roles and permission levels in an organization?

There are three levels of permissions within an organization: Owner, Admin, and basic Member. The person who creates the organization is the owner, but this can be changed afterward. There is always only one owner per organization and there can be any number of admins and basic members.

Here are the things only the owner can do:

  • Transfer owner permissions to someone else
  • Manage billing and subscription details (plan, credit card, address)
  • Delete the organization

And things the owner and admins can do that basic members cannot:

  • Set who has access to shared accounts, calendars, contacts, and integrations
  • Create, edit and delete teams, rules, and managed signatures
  • Edit and delete shared labels (basic members can only create labels)
  • Delete chat comments posted by anyone (basic members can only delete their own)
  • Invite new members
  • Promote basic members to admins
  • Demote admins to basic members
  • Remove anyone from the organization, except the owner

These roles can be managed in the Users section of your Organizations settings.

Image showing the different roles in an Organization

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