How to automatically share an email sent to multiple people?

By default, emails sent to the personal addresses of multiple Missive users are not shared. Each user gets the email in their own private conversation, requiring @mentions to bring people together and collaborate. However, there is a way to automate such sharing.

Let’s say and want to automatically collaborate if someone sends an email like:



Subject: Hi guys

Here are the steps to allow the automatic sharing for such emails:

  1. Each user connects their email account as a personal account. You may have done this already.
  2. Open your Settings > Organizations > Message sharing.
  3. Add shared addresses for “” and “”.
  4. Don’t select anyone to automatically share emails with. This way, emails sent only to Claire or Hubert will remain private, but emails sent to both Claire and Hubert will be shared between the two.
  5. Each user will receive a validation email with a link they must click.

Once all addresses are validated, Missive will start to automatically create shared conversations when multiple users receive the same email.

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