Emails are wrongly marked as spam?

Missive does not perform any spam filtering on its own. The filtering happens on your email server before emails are received in Missive.

When you click “Mark as Not Spam” in our interface, Missive moves the email out of your Spam folder so your email server can hopefully learn from this, but this is not always the case on generic email servers (unlike Gmail and Office 365). So it’s possible emails you mark as not spam keep being flagged as spam by your server.

If your email server is too aggressive and marks a lot of legitimate emails as spam, you may want to disable its spam filter altogether. However note that sometimes it’s the sender’s email server that is poorly configured and may trigger the spam filter of many recipients, so you may want to notify the sender about this too.

One thing you could also do is tell the affected senders to send a test email to MailTester. It will generate a report of things that could explain why email providers may mark their emails as spam. Sometimes it’s due to some misconfiguration on their email server or DNS, which are easily fixable. If the MailTester report seems a bit cryptic, you can ask them to send you the URL of their report and forward it to us. We will decipher it for you.

Gmail accounts

At some point, Gmail started openly marking more emails as spam. Unfortunately, in our experience this has also increased the false-positive rate (legitimate emails being marked as spam) so this may happen in your case too.

Here are a couple articles explaining what Gmail / Google Workspace users can do when legitimate emails are marked as spam:

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