How should I configure Twilio Studio with Missive?

To receive your Twilio SMS in multiple applications (e.g. Missive) you need to use Twilio Studio and create two different webhooks: One webhook to Missive, and one to another software.

Here's how you can configure your first Webhook to Missive:

Create a Flow in Twilio Studio: Go to Twilio Studio and create a new flow. Give it a name that's easily identifiable.

  1. Trigger Widget: Your flow begins with a Trigger widget, which is the entry point for incoming messages.

  2. HTTP Request Widget for Missive: Add an HTTP Request widget to your flow. Configure this widget with the following settings:

    Request URL:

    Request Method: Choose POST.

    Content Type: Set to application/json.

    Request Body: Insert the following JSON structure:

      "SmsSid": "{{trigger.message.MessageSid}}",
      "SmsMessageSid": "{{trigger.message.MessageSid}}",
      "ToState": "{{trigger.message.ToState}}",
      "From": "{{trigger.message.From}}",
      "MessageSid": "{{trigger.message.MessageSid}}",
      "AccountSid": "{{trigger.message.AccountSid}}",
      "ToCity": "{{trigger.message.ToCity}}",
      "FromCountry": "{{trigger.message.FromCountry}}",
      "ToZip": "{{trigger.message.ToZip}}",
      "FromCity": "{{trigger.message.FromCity}}",
      "To": "{{trigger.message.To}}",
      "FromZip": "{{trigger.message.FromZip}}",
      "ToCountry": "{{trigger.message.ToCountry}}",
      "Body": "{{trigger.message.Body}}",
      "NumMedia": "{{trigger.message.NumMedia}}",
      "FromState": "{{trigger.message.FromState}}"
  3. Connect the Trigger to the HTTP Request Widget: Link the incoming trigger to the Missive HTTP Request widget.

Configuring the Second Webhook for Another Service:

  1. Add Another HTTP Request Widget: Add a second HTTP Request widget for the other service.
  2. Configure the Second Widget: Input the necessary webhook URL and format for the second service. Ensure the method, content type, and request body are correctly set up as per the second service's specifications.

Link Widgets Appropriately:

  1. Sequential Processing: Link the Missive widget to the second service's widget for sequential processing.
  2. Parallel Processing: Link the Trigger widget directly to both HTTP Request widgets for simultaneous processing.
  3. Save and Publish: After setting up, save the flow and publish it.
  4. Assign to a Phone Number: In the Twilio console, assign this Studio Flow to handle incoming messages for your chosen phone number.

This approach should successfully configure two SMS webhooks for one phone number, with one being Missive, in Twilio Studio.

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