What happens when a user is removed from an organization?

Removing a user from an organization involves several steps and can have different implications. Here's what you need to know:

Accesses to shared conversations

The removed user will lose access to all shared conversations (those with the colored organization flag on the left). This is a background process that can take from a few minutes to several hours to complete.

If shared conversations contain emails from the user’s personal email account, these emails will be removed from the shared conversations but will remain available to the removed user in new private conversations.


Removed user comments are kept in shared conversations for remaining users to see.

Assigned conversations

Missive will do everything needed to ensure that the removed user assigned conversations won’t fall into a crack:

  • Conversations assigned to the user that are closed will remain closed but the user will be unassigned so that if a newer message comes in, the conversation will be moved back to the team inbox.

  • Conversations assigned to the user that are still open will immediately be moved back to the team inbox upon removing the user.

Given that second point, something to consider is if you believe the user in question was not keeping their Inbox and Assigned to me clean, meaning they did not archive / close conversations even when they were done handling it, you don’t want a large influx of their old assigned conversations to fill up your team inbox.

To avoid that, something you can do before removing users (or on a regular basis) is to check your Assigned to others mailbox (located in the + More menu if you never opened it) and close old conversations your coworkers did not close.

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