Why are emails/conversations sometimes duplicated?

Sending emails from outside Missive is known to cause duplicate conversations, and it does so for a specific reason. Missive uses a pretty complex algorithm to enable email sharing among coworkers without privacy issues.

Here’s an example: once a company using Missive had a shared conversation (everyone in the company had access to that conversation). One of the employees used Gmail.com to send an email with sensitive content that needed to stay private between just this employee and one of his coworkers. Since the employee used Gmail.com to send his email, he did not think the email would be inserted in the shared Missive conversation… Unfortunately, it did. Everyone else in the company saw the email in Missive and it caused some friction. Since this day, Missive’s email sharing algorithm was updated to always prevent emails sent outside Missive from being inserted in shared conversations. Instead, these emails are only shown to you in a separate, private conversation. It may not be easy to spot, but if you take a look, you will see that one of your “duplicate” conversations contains 1 or more emails that aren’t present in the other, shared conversation. These are emails sent outside Missive.

To sum up: sending emails from outside Missive does create duplicate conversations, and there isn’t much we can do here. We prefer playing on the safe side for the privacy concern explained above.

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