Rate limits


Rate limits

To maintain the performance and reliability of our API we enforce the following rate limits on API requests:

  • Maximum of 5 concurrent requests at any given time
  • 300 requests per minute (equivalent to 5 requests per second)
  • 900 requests per 15 minutes (equivalent to 1 request per second)

When a rate limit is reached, Missive API will return the following HTTP error status code: 429 Too Many Requests with the following headers:

Retry-After How many seconds the client should wait before attempting a new request
X-RateLimit-Limit The rate limit ceiling that is applicable for the current request
X-RateLimit-Remaining The number of requests left for the current rate-limit window
X-RateLimit-Reset The time at which the rate limit resets, specified in UTC epoch time (in seconds)


To help you better understand how to manage your requests, here are a couple of scenarios and how you can handle them.

Continuously query the API (24/7)

Send at most 1 request per second. In most programming languages, you can achieve this with a 1-second “sleep” between requests.

Periodic bursts of requests

Send at most 5 requests per second. This way you can spread your usage over time, for instance:

  • one burst of 900 requests lasting 3 minutes, every 15 minutes
  • one burst of 600 requests lasting 2 minutes, every 10 minutes
  • one burst of 300 requests lasting 1 minute, every 5 minutes

Last updated on July 17th, 2023

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