Webhook integrations


Webhook integrations

Many web services offer webhook capabilities, where the service will push content to an URL you control. At Missive, we host and maintain integrations with couple of such services:

Easily consume events from those services in Missive.

How to setup

Open your Missive settings, go to the API tab, click the webhooks section and follow the instructions. You will end up with a nice URL ready to be pasted in the service’s webhook configuration page.

How are events threaded?

When creating new Posts, integrations are required to provide references. This will be used to thread related events in a common conversation, just like emails.

Example When pushing new commits to GitHub, the integration sets repository/branch as the reference, thus creating a conversation for this specific branch.
All commits to the conferencebadge/master branch will be threaded in the same conversation.

Shared labels

When selecting shared labels, the conversation created by the webhook will be added to these labels. Setting a custom icon on these labels is a good way to make them stand out.

A Canny label is being applied on all the conversations created with this integration.

When setting a Conversation ID, references will be ignored and Posts will be added into this specific conversation. This is useful when you want to merge events from different services together.

At Missive, we merge GitHub master branch conversations with Heroku deploys.

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