Configuring Google
Configuring a Google Group address

Missive is built from the ground up to support not only shared inboxes, but also existing Google Group configurations. Here are the steps needed to properly setup Google Groups on Missive:

  1. Everyone in your team must import their personal Google account, the account at which they receive emails from the group address.

  2. You must add your Google group address as a Shared address (as opposed to a Shared account). A validation email will be sent to ensure you receive emails sent to this address.

    Add a shared address in your organization’s Message sharing settings

    This step is needed because without a shared address defined, your team members will receive emails sent to normally, but in separate conversations, requiring @mentions to bring people together and collaborate. Adding as a shared address will make sure common emails are shared as soon as they are received.

    Note that nobody will see duplicated emails. Also, everyone will have their own unread and archived state. Just like you were used to when using Gmail or other email apps.

  3. In order to be able to reply From:, each team member must add an alias in their Accounts setting. If needed, they can set a different signature than the one used with their personal address.

    Note Everyone must ensure this alias is configured on Gmail as well. Otherwise Gmail will revert the From address to their personal address upon sending.

Last updated on July 25, 2017

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