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How to configure email signatures?

How to configure email signatures?

Email signatures are attached to aliases. To configure a signature for a specific alias you need to open the account settings (Settings > Accounts), select the email account and scroll down to the Signatures section.

If you have multiple aliases you can select the one you want to edit in the select box.

Edit the signature

Rich text VS HTML editor

When editing your signature, you can either use the easy rich-text editor to design a simple signature or switch to the HTML editor to have complete control over your signature rendering. With the HTML editor you can copy/paste the code of the signature you were using in your previous email client.

Edit the signature

Insert in

You can control when Missive inserts the signature in your drafts depending if it's your first email or not in a conversation:

Edit the signature

This is useful if once you’ve emailed someone you don’t want to display your full signature again.

Use a managed signature

If you want all of your colleagues to have the exact same signature design, instead of having each of them manually copy/paste the code in their account settings you can setup a managed signature in Settings > Signatures. Then, each employee will be able to easilly select and use the signature.

Select a managed signature

Managed signatures use variables define in each of your colleague’s profile to create a unique signature for each based on their own information. Learn more about managed signature in this guide.

🙋‍♂️ If you have more questions about email signatures make sure to read our signatures FAQ, you might find your answer.

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