Aliases & signatures
Centrally manage your team signatures

Missive lets you easily manage your team's signatures from a central place. It's the perfect way to achieve a uniform brand look across your teammates' signatures!

Managed signatures help maintain a uniform brand look

To create your first centrally managed signature open the signature settings (Settings > Signatures).

NOTE Only the organization owner and admins can create and edit managed signatures.

Works with dynamic variables

Use Liquid syntax to add variable information to your templates. It works just like in response variables.

For example, if you type this in the signature editor:

{{ user.first_name }} {{ user.last_name }}

It would render the person's first and last name, based on their profile data. You can also preview everyone's signature by selecting their name from the drop-down menu.

Insert dynamic content to managed signatures

Variables are not limited to text, you can insert dynamic graphics to signatures. For example, if you wanted to show the Missive user's profile picture. You could type this in the editor:

<img src="{{ user.avatar_url }}">

You may want to add a few style attributes to make it look great:

<img src="{{ user.avatar_url }}" style="width: 50px; border-radius: 4px;">
Insert dynamic images to managed signatures

On the other hand, if you wanted to display a static image like the company's logo, you would need to insert a publicly available image address.

<img src="">

Dynamic data comes from editable user profiles

Users have editable profiles. They work similarly to contact cards. Open Settings > Users to edit your own and others' profiles or do it straight from the signature's editor.

You can fill default fields:

Editable profiles for all members

And you can also add custom ones:

Custom fields in member profiles for managed signatures

For example, if you create a custom field like the one above and type this in the signature editor:

{{ user.custom.employee_id }}

The signature would show each employee's ID:

Employee ID in managed signature

Shared with everyone in the organization

In a matter of seconds, people all over the organization can get the official company signature. No more struggling to get a uniform brand look.

Easily manage employee signatures

Once a managed signature is created, it’s important for all email account owners to configure the managed signature on their aliases in their account settings. See this guide for more information.

Works with Rich Text or HTML signatures

You can create any kind of signature with Missive. From simple Rich Text ones:

Rich Text managed signature

To beautiful HTML ones designed to drive traffic:

Marketing banners in HTML managed signatures

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