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Smplrspace's Leap to Transparent Collaboration with Missive

The ability to have everyone @mention in a conversation so that people know what's happening, that's invaluable for us.

Thibaut Tiberghien
CTO at Smplrspace

Smplrspace, spearheaded by CTO Thibaut Tiberghien in Singapore, aids companies in visualizing indoor space data. Initially, they started using Missive for customer support but soon found out that Missive and its collaborative team inbox was fostering transparent internal communication which laid a strong operational foundation for the whole business.

Learn why Thibaut Tiberghien from Smplrspace has been using Missive for years!

The Challenge

As Smplrspace evolved, the necessity for an effective tool to manage diversified communication use cases emerged, emphasizing external communication while maintaining transparency and easy context sharing internally.

The Solution

Everyone gets it because we feel that even people who don't collaborate should have Missive because it's just a better email client.

Missive was integrated into Smplrspace's operations, with each team member receiving an account, thereby amplifying both internal transparency and external communication efficiency.

The Benefits

Like literally you @mention someone and it's done and, and, and then you can actually live collaborate on the email if you want.

  1. Transparent Communication: Missive's @mention feature promotes transparency, easing context sharing company-wide.
  2. Enhanced External Communication: Facilitates seamless interaction with clients and partners, ensuring alignment in critical communications.
  3. Fostering a Collaborative Culture: The ease of context sharing promoted a culture of transparent collaboration effortlessly, resonating with the team's philosophy.
  4. Incredible Email Client: Missive's exceptional email client functionality shines, offering an exemplary email experience while streamlining collaboration.