Why is my teammate not able to send emails?

They do not have access to any alias address to use in the From field. For your teammate to be able to send an email, there are a few options:

  1. Allow others to send emails from an alias. Go to Accounts > Select a Personal Account > Click Edit on an Alias > Choose teammates
  2. When you want your teammate to send an email on your behalf, add them to the conversation and create the reply yourself. By creating the reply yourself, you can set the From address to any alias you own. Then once you have set the From address, your colleague can write the email and press Send.
  3. You can also share the whole email account with them. This will give them access to all incoming emails and will let them reply using any alias configured on the account.
  4. Lastly, your colleague can import their personal email account in Missive and configure aliases for the addresses they must be able to reply from. The emails they send would go through their personal account. Note for Gmail users: to add an alias to their personal email account on Missive, users also need to add it as a “Send mail as” address on their Gmail, as explained on this page.

The first option is by far the simplest and safest. You will always have access to all emails sent by a delegated user.

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