What are rules?

Rules are a powerful way to automate your team workflows. They can be executed when a message (email, SMS, Instagram DM, Facebook message, WhatsApp or Missive Live Chat) comes in or out of an inbox. They can also be defined on some user actions like applying/removing a label, changing the status of a conversation (assigned/closed/reopened) or by posting a new comment.

Missive rules work exactly like Outlook 365 rules and Gmail filters. When all or any of the rule conditions are met, the automated actions defined on the rule are triggered. What's more impressive is you can create complex conditions by nesting them in sub-groups.

Note Rules can only be managed by admins and owners of organizations subscribed to the Productive plan. See pricing page. Rules are defined in your Missive settings. You can define as many as you need.

Here’s a simple example of a rule that automatically apply a label Disney when anyone at Disney sends you an email.

DescriptionDisney auto-labeling
ConditionsFrom  address  ends with   “”
ActionsApply label(s)   “Disney”
Automatically apply labels to conversations
All future conversations with ACME people will get the label applied.

Rules are applied in the order they are listed in the Missive interface; they are sorted by alphabetical order of the Description field.

This means if you want to force rules to be applied in a specific order, the trick is to add a numeric prefix to your rule descriptions:

01. Rule description…
02. Rule description…
03. Rule description…

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