Basic rule examples

We have compiled some templates for rules that will help you kick off the automation of your workflow.

Take a look at the screenshots below and copy the settings. You can always customize the conditions and actions to adapt them better to your process.

1. Send an out of office message

For incoming messages

Automatically send replies when out of office
Everyone emailing you during your vacation will get an out office message.

2. Automatically Label your customer emails

For incoming messages

Using one label per customer is a nice way to get your team more organized, but doing so manually is error-prone. With a rule, it’s quick and easy. Create a rule like this one for each customer:

DescriptionDisney auto-labeling
ConditionsFrom   ends with   “”
ActionsApply label(s)   “Disney”
Automatically apply labels to conversations
All future conversations with ACME people will get the label applied.

3. Make sure all emails get replied to on time

For incoming messages

Respect your Service-level agreements (SLA) with time-based rules. You can create as many rules as you need to respect all of your customer's specificities.

Automatically apply labels to conversations

4. Archive and mark conversations as read for specific team member(s)

For incoming messages

Sometimes the person importing shared accounts in Missive is not the one that will work with them most of the time. For that person, it can be annoying to receive notifications and see emails from all these accounts. Rules can help by automatically archiving and marking as read these emails for the account owner.

DescriptionAuto-archive for IT guy
ConditionsEmail account   is   “”
ActionsArchive (Remove from Inbox) for Phil
Remove from Team Inbox for Phil
Mark as read for Phil

With that rule in place, Phil the IT guy won’t get annoyed by emails sent to even though he remains the owner of that account.

5. Automatically add notes to a conversation

For incoming messages

Let’s say your staff processes customer orders and that some customers have specific requirements. Using a rule, you can automatically add a note based and who sent the message. This can help your staff deal with that customer’s requirements.

NameACME warning note
ConditionsFrom   ends with  “”
ActionsCreate post   “They will not accept any driver with past felonies
at their facilities. Make sure to book a driver with no felony.”
Automatically add notes to any conversation
A big warning your employees won’t miss.

6. Automatically assign sent emails to authors

For outgoing messages

If many employees send cold emails to customers using a common shared email account, you might want to auto assign those to the email author. This way, if the recipient replies, only the author will have the reply in their inbox. This can be achieved using an outgoing message rule with the Assign sender action. The conversation will be assigned to the message sender.

DescriptionAuto-assign sent emails
ConditionsEmail account   is”
ActionsAssign sender

7. Auto-labeling based on a keyword

For incoming messages

Auto-labeling based on a keyword

8. Out-of-office autoresponder

For incoming messages

Out of office autoresponder

9. Weekend do not disturb

For incoming messages

Weekend do not disturb

10. Service-level agreement (SLA)

For incoming messages | Learn more about SLAs

SLA 30 minute rule

11. Auto-assign a coworker when message contains keyword

For incoming messages

Auto-assign a coworker when message contains keyword

12. Merge all outgoing messages to a customer into a single conversation

For outgoing messages

Merge all messages of a customer into a single conversation

13. Send response upon command

For user actions: New comment

Send response upon command

14. Auto-forward receipts upon labeling

For user actions: Label change

Auto-forward receipts

15. Auto-assign sent emails to author

For outgoing messages

Auto-forward receipts

16. Auto-remove from everyone's inbox when closing

For user actions: Conversation closed

Auto-remove from inbox when closing

17. Auto-snooze emails that have "Follow-up" label

For user actions: Label change

Auto-snooze emails that have follow-up label

18. Notify manager of assignee change

For user actions: Assignee change

Notify manager of assignee change

19. Show special instructions when dealing with VIP customers

For incoming messages

Show special instructions when dealing with VIP customers

20. Time zone based auto-assignment

For incoming messages

Time zone based auto-assignment
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